Kim Sander

This unique trio blends jazz and contemporary beats with Indian and Turkish Classical music, traditional music from Indonesia and all kinds of music from West Africa , the Balkans, the Middle-East and Latin-America. Trio Dingo’s exotic sounds and propulsive rhythms take you to spaces you have never been before.

Trio Dingo’s 5-week tour of Indonesia in 2005 included performances at Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, Jakarta Anniversary Festival, Surabaya Arts Festival and collaborations with Indonesian musicians including Sawung Jabo, Oppie Andaresta and Sono Seni.

Featuring tenor sax, ney (Sufi flute), mey (Turkish reed), Bulgarian and Turkish gaidas (bagpipes) and kavals (long wooden flutes), kendang, darabukka and djembe (Sundanese, Middle-Eastern and West African drums), guitar, genggong (Balinese jaws harp), electric neck and that uniquely Australian instrument, the didgeridoo.

Ron Reeves lived for many years in Indonesia , studying traditional music from Bali, Java and Sumatra and specialising in Sundanese kendang. He has also studied and performed in India and Thailand . He has worked with Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu, jazz greats Billy Cobham and Ed Thigpen, Japanese taiko drummer Leonard Eto and Lebe Olarinjo Masqueraders from Nigeria . In Indonesia he has performed and recorded with the Abadi Soesman Band (“Jazz Masa Kini”), the Ireng Maulana Allstars, Indra Lesmana’s Java Jazz, Bubi Chen and other well known jazz musicians. In Australia he has performed with Spanish/jazz group The Urban Gypsies, Cameron Undy and numerous other stalwarts of the Australian jazz scene.

Kim Sanders has studied and performed in Turkey , the Balkans, West Africa and China , performing with Zimbabwean singer Stella Chiweshe, the Istanbul State Modern Folk Music Ensemble, the Libidorr Jazz Band from Gambia and Chinese jazz-fusion band Tianchuang. His own group Kim Sanders & Friends includes Australian jazz greats Sandy Evans and Steve Elphick. Kim is also a specialist in classical and folk music from the Middle East and Eastern Europe . Kim first visited Indonesia in 1971, travelling through Bali , Java and Sumatera. He has returned many times since, performing as a soloist and with Sawung Jabo in Bayang-Bayang and GengGong. He has recorded with Oppie Andaresta and Setiawan Djody.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to understand and undulge on an art borrowed from ancestors of jazz and their predecessors. Jazz is an intricate art, the finesse that most musicians strive to achive.
Eye 2 eye Jazz Mix, formed in 1998, bye three Kuala Lumpur musicians, aspires to anbarg on a juarney of artistic experience. A road that knows no bondaries which leads to spontaneus musical interpretation, enchanting harmonies, complex rhythms and sound developed decades ago from the shores of America, which the word recognize as Jazz music.

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