Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki (* 2 October 1978 in Fukuoka) is one of the most commercially successful Japanese pop singers.

Since its debut in 1998 with the single poker face was about 50 million records deduct. Eight studio albums, a mini-album, four "Best of" albums, over forty singles and some remix albums brought them into Japan ranked 4 of the top selling Japanese artists "(" best-Japanese Artist ").

With the release of their 40th Single BLUE BIRD they exceeded the 20-million mark in single sale, and was thus the most successful solo artist in Japan.
They also reached the most number 1 singles (29) and Top 10 singles (40) in the official Oricon charts. Thus, they are also the record with a total of 17 consecutive singles in the first 8 albums on square 1 [1]

Japanese Ayumi won the "Record Taishou" - the most important music awards in Japan - three times in a row (2001 to 2003). From 2004, she volunteered no longer participate.


Ayumi lived together with their mother, but was mainly from her grandmother raised. Her father left the family when Ayumi about two years old.

At the age of seven years was Ayumi already as a model for promotional videos of the Fukuoka Central Bank. During their school fell through her dyed hair and short skirts, which at that time in Japan were not common.

Film and Model Career
Their first steps in the movie business made them at the age of 13 years under the pseudonym Kurumi Hamasaki in the film Twin Teacher. After her degree, she at Sun Music Production under the contract.

They appeared in various TV dramas and feature films (including Miseinen, Sumomo mo momo, Ladys Ladys! Soucho Saigo no hi, Nagisa no Shindobaddo), the audience could not enforce. In addition, she was in Seiyū Anime Battle Spirits Ryūko no Ken.

Like many young Japanese artists had them for several magazines in bikini bathing suit and take pictures. Your bikini photo Terima Kashi band appeared in 1995. Because of their size, but it remained a model career denied.

Singing Career
Under its civil behalf Ayumi Hamasaki was in the NHK TV show "On Stage Idol" singing their first appearances.
With their debut album Nothing from nothing she wanted to be a recent JRapperin enforce (rap songs were very popular in Japan). As the album but not the Top 200 in the charts achieved, it was by her former agency, the record Publishers Columbia Japan, depreciated.
In a karaoke bar dropped them to the producers Masato 'Max' Matsuura, whose offer a singing career start, and they assumed their contract signed with avex trax. Matsuura sent them to the vocal training to Tokyo. Ayumi was singing this training, however, as too strict, Matsuura what they sent to New York, where the training methods were looser.

A Song for XX to LOVEppears era (1998 - 1999)
Ayumi published their 1998 debut single poker face. The single was able to sell over 43,000 times and 22 of the space occupied Oricon charts. With its fourth single Depend on you could be in the top 10 place. Depend on you was also the title tune of the PlayStation game "Thousand Arms."
Her first album A Song for XX could be ranked 1 of the charts place.
Their seventh Single LOVE ~ ~ Destiny placed in 1999 on # 1 of the charts. This was a theme song melody for the TV drama Semi Double. For more songs on their singles to publish the format switched from its ninth Single Boys & Girls, 8-cm format to 12-inch format.
A is currently the best-selling single with more than 1.6 million copies.
LOVEppears, their second album, was more than 2 million copies sold. The album cover has led to some controversy, since it there with open upper body was displayed. Only her hair covered her breasts. The single appears on the same day. Here is Ayu with free upper body. Unlike LOVEppears her hair dyed black and their skin has a dark brown complexion. Kanariya, fly high and trauma were successful Auskopplungen Album.

Duty era (2000)

In 2000, she was spokeswoman for the cosmetics company KOSE. They came in various promotional videos, in which her song in the background to hear vogue. This has had the effect that after one of these videos 500,000 lipsticks in 2 days and sold their single also with over 700,000 copies sold well.
She was also spokeswoman for the mobile phone manufacturer TU-KA. Here was the mix of promotional video with "hidden" Single advertising.

From April to June 2000 she published three singles: vogue, Far away, and SEASONS, as a "trilogy", as they are in a music video together.
Duty was their third album. As the already released albums could Duty Platz 1 in the charts secure and was about 3 million copies sold. On the same day, the single SURREAL as a limited pressing. With the release of the concert DVD Ayumi Hamasaki Concert Tour 2000 A in the same week, she was the first Japanese singer, the court 1 in three different charts (single-album and DVD charts) occupied.

A BEST until I am .. Era (2001 - 2002)
With the single - its fourth single, which is over 1 million copies sold - they took more control over their songs. They began under the pseudonym "CREA" some songs to compose himself.
A Best Your album was released the same day as the album distance of Hikaru Utada. These albums delivered a harsh blows in the charts and could ultimately both more than 4 million copies sold. A BEST 4 times reached platinum status, and is equipped with more than 4 million units, the most successful album of their long career.
Her second remix album SUPER EUROBEAT presents ayu-ro mix 2 was, after MISIAs album LITTLE TOKYO, the second remix album in Japan, which is 1 square of the charts assured.
After the release of their fourth album I am, which is double-platinum status attained, we estimated that Ayumi to 40% of the profit from the plate Publishers avex trax was responsible.
Along with Keiko, Globe singer of the band, she took the Sing A Song is born for the avex trax charitable project launched Song nation. Occasion was the terrorist attacks of 11 September.


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