Falun the Gong Not the Religion

Falun Gong is a China-born from new religious movement based on qi gong. Falun Gong was first in 1992 in the People's Republic of China to the public and has since spread worldwide. Major work is the founder, Li Hongzhi Emperor Zhuan Falun wrote.

Falun Gong was in the West primarily by the ban in 1999 in China and the subsequent state prosecution.

The name 'Falun Gong' consists of 'Falun' (= 'Wheel of Law') and 'Qigong' (traditional Chinese exercises for the cultivation of the body and mind). Li Hongzhi Emperor is regarded as the founder of Falun Gong, he made 1992 the technology to the public. In his statement after the technology already existed long before. It is Falun Dafa Xiulian, and only from master to disciple been passed.

Falun Gong basis of the book Zhuan Falun, which by Li Hongzhi Emperor drafted in 1995 has been published. The book should always read over and over again, to prepare for the Kultivierungsweg forward. In addition, Li still has 20 other books about Falun Gong. Important for the Falun Gong practitioners is next to the main plant Zhuan Falun a collection of short articles that appear in Chinese originally written in the form of poetry, and also for moral guidance.

The emblem of Falun Gong shows a red circle with a large golden swastika symbol of an orange ring with four other swastika symbols and four yin-and-yang symbols enclosed. Falun Gong uses the swastika in a traditional originally importance and will not in any way to the swastika of the Nazi reference.

Falun Gong contains elements of Buddhist and daoistischen cultivation system. It has similar elements, as they are also in Buddhism, Taoism, traditional Chinese medicine, and Qigong happen, but mainly their own interpretations of these elements by Li Hongzhi Emperor. From trailers, Li Hongzhi Emperor often in Chinese tradition Master Li ".

It will be within the framework of five Falun Gong practicing Qigong exercises, four of them are standing in an exercise in the lotus seat as a meditation. These are as follows:

1st Buddha hands stretches from 1000 (For Zhan Qian Shou Fa): The body is stretched and relaxed.
2nd Gebotsrad-pole position (Falun Zhuang Fa): The arms are in four different positions circles for a long time high.
3rd Connecting heaven and earth (Tong Guan Liang Ji Fa): The arms are off and move upwards. This would allow the qi in the body with that of the cosmos mixed.
4th Gebotsrad sky circle (Falun Zhou Tian Fa): It deletes with the palms of certain lines near the body surface along. This is the energy in the body to flow.
5th Reinforcing the supernatural forces (Shen Tong Jiachi Fa): This exercise is in contrast to the previous not in the standing, but the Lotus headquarters. Here, arm movements and meditation.

The practice of the exercises but according to Li is only part of the road, more value than on reading the book and practicing the exercises, take the moral behaviour in everyday life are laid. The man should cultivate by doing good and avoiding evil. This implies that he needs personal returns and become more dedicated to the common good, he should not lower motives with others in conflict and not debatable. This is the Xinxing (mental nature) increases, and ultimately the cultivation of energy. If individuals but not on the cultivation of his Xinxing eighth, the execution of the exercises no success.

The people are loud Zhuan Falun egocentrism by virtue of their higher levels of cosmic been displaced. As a last chance they persist in this world without the other worlds to know. The earlier crimes were in the form of Yeli, that is bad karma accumulated, and this must be reduced, in order to reach salvation. If you are not selfish, or thinks, and in harmony with the three properties cosmic lives schreite man on the Kultivierungsweg progress. The cosmic properties are:

*真Zhēn - truth (literally, actually, true)
*善Shàn - sincerity / Mercy (literally: good, friendly)
*忍Rěn - indulgence (literally, tolerate, endure)

If you go on this path progresses, we can according to the Zhuan Falun acquire special skills, cultivating skills. When Falun Gong operates with the goal of these capabilities, would also achieve nothing, because it is not in the cultivation voranschreite.

By Falun Dafa truth and mercy equally stressed, it performs according to Li Hongzhi Emperor a synthesis of Taoism with a focus on truthfulness and Buddhism with a focus on charity.

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