OneRepublic is an American Rock-/Pop-Band from Colorado. To the public they arrived in 2007 with the publication of their single Apologize to the attention of the musicians Timbaland. Timbaland produced together with the band a remix of the single, which is based on Timbalands Timbaland album Presents: Shock Value is heard. The song Apologize succeeded in many countries at the top of the charts, etc. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Apologize It is the title song for the film Keinohrhasen with Til Schweiger. At the end of November, early December, finally appeared the debut album Dreaming Out Loud in the Billboard 200 to 17 and understanding. The next stop was single And Stare outputs. The singer of the band, Ryan Tedder, plays not only in the band but also produces other artists. Among his long list of artists such as the falling British singer Natasha Bedingfield, or even the former singer of Soundgarden, Chris Cornell Audioslave.

* 2007: Apologize (OneRepublic)
* 2007: Apologize (Timbaland presents OneRepublic)


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