The ocarina is a musical instrument wind ovoid shape, resembling the tip of a spear or a goose head - hence its name: Italian, "oca" means "goose" and "Ocarina," "little goose" - designed by Giuseppe Donati, around 1860.

Built in clay or copper, and can measure up to a dozen centimeters, the ocarina is pierced with a number of holes varies depending on the model (4, 5,6,8 or 12 in most cases), last to vary the height of sounds by blowing into a spout located in the middle of the instrument.

The ocarina is very popular in Italy. However, there are instruments which are related to America, Africa and Asia.

You can see an ocarina in the famous series of video games The Legend of Zelda produced by Nintendo, in particular from the episode Ocarina of time, or in FVO Dragon Ball Z in which the character appears Tapion and in episodes 214 and 215 of the anime Naruto. And of course there is Stellie, "the girl with ocarina" in Albator.

The Ocarina
It is classified in the family of flutes globular Conduit. His body is fitted with holes Thursday to produce sounds of different tones. In Africa, it is designed in the bark of certain fruits, clay America and porcelain in China.

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