Juan Belmonte


Juan Belmonte
Juan Belmonte García, born April 14, 1892 in Seville (Spain), who died on April 8, 1962 in Utrera (Spain, province of Seville), was a Spanish matador.

Juan Belmonte was one of the most popular matadors in history, and is considered a "revolutionary" of the corrida. Until he dropped the matadors before the load of bull, applying the precept "or you t'enlèves or t'enlève the bull." Belmonte was the first to wait motionless load of bull, then try to move the passes. This way of toréer seemed so revolutionary, and especially if it impossible to practice, that Guerrita, one of the greatest bullfighters of the late nineteenth century tells her: "If you want to see, hurry up before the bull kills! "

Belmonte's career extends from early 1910 until 1936, when he took a final retirement. But actually, the most glorious of his career dates from the time of his rivalry with his friend José Gómez Ortega "Joselito", from 1914 to the death of the latter in 1920. These few years are called the 'Golden Age' of bullfighting by aficionados, both the rivalry of the two maestros was intensive.

He commits suicide in his ownership of Utrera, in 1962.

Manuel Chaves Nogales wrote a biography of Belmonte, under Juan Belmonte, matador de toros (Original title: Juan Belmonte, matador de toros, su vida y sus hazañas).

* Debut novillada without picadors: 24 July 1910 to Arahal (Spain, province of Seville).
* Debut novillada with picadors: 21 July 1912 in Seville.
* Presentation in Madrid: 26 March 1913.
* Alternative: In Madrid on September 16, 1913. Godfather, "Machaquito."
* First of escalafón in 1919.

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