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Momotaro: The Folk Tale from Japan
Momotaro is a hero of Japanese folklore. His legend is well known in Japan and East Asia. The name means "Taro fishing", is "boy fishing" because Tarō name is a very popular Japanese boy.

According to the version of the legend, dating from the Edo Period, Momotaro came on Earth in a fishing descending a river. It was discovered by an old woman who was washing his clothes. It has adopted and raised with her husband. Momotaro explains it was sent by heaven to be their son.

However, Momotaro was lazy and found excuses for not working. When he decided to pick "a little" wood, he returned with a huge tree. This drew upon him the attention of the lord, who asked him to leave his parents to fight demons on the island of Onigashima.

Along the way, Momotaro encounters a dog, a monkey and a pheasant with which it binds friendship. They over demons and their leader, Ura. He returned with his parents and his friends with the treasure of demons. He and his family spent a pleasant life together

Momotaro is associated with the city of Okayama, where history was invented.

The children's song very popular in Japan entitled Momotaro-san no Uta (Song of Momotaro) was first published in 1911. Since then, the song has gone through several different versions, including this one:


Momotaro-san, Momotaro-san,
Okoshini tsuketa kibidango,
Hitotsu watashi nor kudasai na!

Yarimasho, Yarimasho,
Korekara oni no seibatsu nor,
Tsuite ikunara yarimasho!

Ikimasho, ikimasho,
Anata ni tsuite doko made mo,
Kerai or mat ikimashō!

Sorya susume, sorya susume,
Ichidoni semete semeyaburi,
Tsubu shite shima e, onigashima!

Omoshiroi, omoshiroi,
Nokorazu oni o seme fusete,
dorimono bun-o enyaraya!

Manman-sai, manman-sai,
Otomo is no inu saru kiji wa
Isan of kuruma o enyaraya

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