The Fujara is a Slovak fujara.

It is normally about 180 cm long and has at the upper end - the head - one about 40 cm long extension, parallel to the sound body, usually with leather strap and twine attached, which is the mouthpiece. The sound of the flute body is made of young elder-wood. Often it is with traditional ornaments decorated the Slovak culture. In the lower third of the body are sound three holes.

The flute is played scale of nature. Blassturke changed depending on the amount of tone. A typical variation is the so-called Priefug. This is a short, rhythmic Blastechnik generated. Related to the Fujara is Konzovka or Obertonflute. This is 80 to 100 cm long and is at the top of the head of the instrument eingeblasen. has no holes. The sound is also changed by the Einblasstarke and is supported by the hand at the lower end varies.

Fujara the music of the flute was in 2005 in the UNESCO list of masterpieces of oral and intangible heritage of humanity included.

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