The duduk, duduk, doudoug or dadouk is a musical instrument (probably of Armenian descent) to double reed oboe like that found in many countries: Georgia, Bulgaria, Iran and Azerbaijan , Where it is called Balaban, Turkey called on the mey and the Chinese Turkestan balaman.

He zurna distinguished by the breadth of its reeds and drills.

The duduk is a cylindrical bore instrument and double reed. The body of apricot wood generally has 10 holes: 8 on the upper side and two on the bottom, one for the thumb left, the other being a hole in agreement. This hole can be plugged in approaching the instrument body of the musician, to score a particularly serious.

The double reed called ghamish is made from a single piece of flat reed, split and tied at the junction with the body of the instrument. A ring around the reed regulation and helps to stabilize the sound.

There are also viola and bass duduk larger, and some instruments are provided with keys to a more extended or facilitating the impairment.

The reed is held between the lips of the musician which prevents it from being "free". From there follows a single mode vibration and range of the instrument is reduced to a third octave.

The duduk has a very soft tone and can become quite serious and nasillarde metal when the musician blows stronger or reeds employs more flexible. No other traditional oboe of this size has a range as serious.

Currently in Armenia, interpreters are the best known and Djivan Gasparyan Vatche Hovsepian. For Azerbaijan it is Alihan Samedov, for Turkey to Ertan Tekin and to Iran Rashid Khalid. Only folk music is played on this instrument.

In 2006, music for duduk of Armenia was proclaimed Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Selective Discography:

* Monodiques of Araik Bartikian at moving.
* Fantasies of Armenian Djivan Gasparyan.
* Kurdistan - Balaban Khalid Rashid.

In recent years, the duduk has become a very popular composers of film music and video games that use it to the environment, sometimes to excess.

And we find this instrument in the music of film and video game following:

* The Last Temptation of Christ to Peter Gabriel (the first to have successfully used in a film music)
* Gladiator by Hans Zimmer (who popularized the music in Hollywood)
* Battlestar Galactica
* Amen. Armand Amar
* Munich John Williams
* The Crow by Graeme Revell
* Indigenous Armand Amar
* Myst III: Exile Jack Wall

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