Xiao flute

The xiao (Chinese traditional; Simplified Chinese:Hanyu Pinyin: Xiao) is a Chinese bamboo flute to notch. It would be the ancestor of the Japanese shakuhachi. This flute was once called shud (Vertical bamboo flute). Xiao name in ancient times was also included in the bamboo flute called the dizi today.

The xiao was probably developed from a flute blown from one end by the Qiang people of south-eastern China. The modern version 6 holes to date from the Ming Dynasty.

Breakthrough of 6 or 8 holes of play, plus 2 to 4 holes Agreement, it provides a major diatonic range which just added two models to changes in 8 holes. It is usually given in C or D, to accompany the guqin and zheng.

The xiao is usually in treble clef (with the D above middle of the field and being the lowest in the mouth all the holes), although there are also key in xiaos less common, most often in F. The more traditional xiao six holes while the modern version has eight. Additional holes do not register the instrument but makes easier the natural family.

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