Vatican Museum

Vatican Museums
The Vatican has 11 museums, which represents 5 galleries and 1 400 rooms, a museum for 80 people, which constitutes a record.

The Sistine Chapel
This is a museum. The Sistine Chapel is not in effect during the conclave.

Its famous ceiling was done by Michelangelo in 4 years. It represents scenes from Genesis: the creation of the Sun, the Moon, Adam and Eve, the separation of water and earth, darkness and light, original sin, expulsion from the paradise, sacrifice and the drunkenness of Noah ...

You can see the wall of Doomsday also by Michelangelo.

Paolina Chapel
Paolina Chapel is a neighbor of the Sistine Chapel, closed to the public, it also does that in the conclaves or private masses for some of the popes.

It presents two famous frescoes by Michelangelo called by Pope Paul III: The Martyrdom of St. Peter and the Conversion of St. Paul. The works of painters Lorenzo Sabbatini and Federico Zuccari are also exposed.

The chapel Nicoline
Nicoline Chapel (Cappella Niccolini), built by Nicolas V, especially by the frescoes of Fra Angelico executed between 1447 and 1451.

The Pio-Clementino Museum
The most important works of Pio-Clementino Museum are:

* In the hall of the Muses: the torso of the Belvedere, designed to represent the ancient torso of Hercules, found in Belvedere. He inspired Michelangelo and is characterized by a twisting of the body showing all the muscles.
* In the octagonal courtyard, eight chapels: the group of Laocoon, Trojan priest, smothered his son with two snakes out of the sea, after having said "Beware of Greeks even when they make gifts" and launched a javelin on the Trojan and the Apollo Belvedere, the Belvedere Antinous (actually a Hermes) and Apoxyomene (athlete cleaner with strigil).
* Raphael Rooms were painted and decorated by the artist. They are:
o The Board of Fire of the Borgo, parallel to that of Troy. One can recognize Aeneas carrying his father Anchises.
o The room where the signing some official documents signed two tables in face-to-face: Science and Philosophy, which represents the School of Athens and The Dispute of the Blessed Sacrament, with key members of the Church at the time, overhung by Jesus, Mary and the Apostles.

The Museum of the Pinacoteca
The major works are:

* Three paintings by Raphael:
o The Coronation of the Virgin
o the Madonna of Foligno
o transfiguration
* St. Jerome as a hermit, of Leonardo da Vinci
* The descent from the cross of Caravaggio

Other Museums
* Egyptian Museum
* Museum Chiaramonti
* Etruscan Museum
* Museum Gregorian profane
* Carriage Museum
* Missionary-Ethnological Museum
* Collection of Modern Religious Art

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