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The Age of Bronze
The Age of Bronze is the first bronze statue by Auguste Rodin in 1877. She brings glory to the age of 37. It is exposed at the Musee d'Orsay, but there are many castings.

Name of the work
The brass (and bronze) is an alloy of copper and tin. In antiquity the term used to describe a way noble bronze. The Bronze Age (-4000 to -800 in France) is also called "age of brass.

The work covered several names:

The Stone Age - The Bronze Age - The Iron Age - The man who s'eveillle - The Defeated - The man of first ages - The wounded soldier - The Awakening of Humanity.

In 1875, while working in Brussels, Auguste Rodin achieves one of his greatest dreams by traveling to Italy to Turin, Genoa, Pisa, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, art treasures and "discover the secrets of Donatello and especially Michelangelo. On his return to France, he visited the French cathedrals.

In 1877 aged 37, he returned to Brussels where he made 18 months in his first major work "The Age of Bronze" with which he hopes to become famous. The statue is life-size plaster model of the young Belgian soldier, Auguste Feyt age 22. Several copies of the original will be made by molding.

It exposes the same year in "Artistic and Literary Circle of Brussels' under the name" The Vanquished ", the" Salon des Artistes of Paris French under the title of "Iron Age" and the Paris Exposition of 1900 under the title "The man who wakes up."

His statue gives such an impression of life, being accused of having grossly a cast on a live model.

Experts prove his genius and the scandal begins its resounding fame, his fortune and his 40 year career at the top. The official commissions abound quickly and Rodin became fashionable portraitist.

In 1878, Rodin created his St. Jean Baptiste larger than life to prove he did not use the molding and prove his genius.

Models of work in the world

* Musee d'Orsay in Paris (model cast in bronze by Thiebault Brothers).
* Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin
* Victoria and Albert Museum in London
* Rodin Museum in Philadelphia in the United States
* Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary
* Rodin Museum in Paris

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