Accenture is a global consulting firm of American origin. Its headquarters is on 1 September 2009, located in Dublin, Ireland.

Accenture is considered the largest consulting firm in the world, belonging to the Fortune Global 500 Global 500, with about 181 000 people in over 120 countries. The Accenture consultants involved in many areas:

* Strategy consulting;
* Consulting organization;
* Development and implementation of information system;
* Outsourcing.

Accenture's clients represent 96 of the 100 largest global corporations and more than three quarters of the Fortune Global 500.

Accenture is from the consulting division of Arthur Andersen, the American Arthur Andersen and Clarence Delaney created in 1913 under the name Andersen, Delany & Co.

Separation of Arthur Andersen
In 1989, the consulting division separates Arthur Andersen (AA) and renamed Andersen Consulting (AC). Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting are then combinations of independent local entities, each held by their associates and other local entities in the world. The local entities sign a contractual agreement with a structure of global consolidation, Andersen Worldwide Societe Cooperative (awsC) under Swiss jurisdiction.

In 2000 the turnover of Andersen Consulting exceeds 9.5 billion dollars, with over 75 000 employees in 47 countries, while the turnover of Arthur Andersen is 9.3 billion with 85 000 employees worldwide in 2001.

During the 1990s, growing tensions arise between Andersen Consulting and Arthur Andersen. Andersen Consulting wants to review its obligation to repay each year 15% of its profits to Arthur Andersen (a condition of the separation agreement of 1989 states that the most profitable entity - AA or AC - must be remitted to the other this sum ), while at the same time Arthur Andersen competes with Andersen Consulting by creating a new department dedicated to management consulting, known as Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. The disagreement reached its peak in 1998 lorsqu'Andersen Consulting denounces its agreement with awsC and Arthur Andersen. Andersen Consulting up 15% of profits this year and future years into an escrow account and file a complaint for breach of contract.

On August 7, 2000, by arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, Andersen Consulting gets the information of all its contractual relationship with awsC and Arthur Andersen. In exchange, Andersen Consulting Arthur Andersen to pay the amount held in the escrow account (1.2 billion dollars), and must change its name, which leads to the new identity Accenture.

Perhaps revealing the entity "winner" after this division, four hours after the arbitrator rendered his decision, Jim Wadia, chief executive officer of Arthur Andersen, has suddenly resigned. The industry analysts and professors of business schools like to present this event as a complete victory for Andersen Consulting. Jim Wadia provide several years after an explanation of his resignation at a business case on this split in the Harvard Business School. It indicates that the executive of Arthur Andersen had passed a resolution stipulating that he should resign if he failed to obtain a minimum compensation of $ 4 billion (either through negotiation or arbitration decision ) for the separation of the advisory body, hence his quick resignation once the arbitration announced.

Opinions differ on the reasons for this separation - the leaders of each party has cited greed and arrogance of the other party and the leadership of Andersen Consulting has set before breaking the contract that was created by Arthur Andersen a second consulting group, AABC (Arthur Andersen Business Consulting), directly competing with Andersen Consulting on the market.

Accenture will be glad later that division, which will not be achieved when Arthur Andersen will be involved in the Enron scandal, and then forced into liquidation in 2002. Many entities AABC will then be redeemed by other companies consulting, particularly Hitachi Consulting and KPMG Consulting (since renamed BearingPoint).

Creating Accenture
On 1 January 2001, Andersen Consulting became Accenture officially (contraction of Accent on the future) and launches its new brand with great fanfare.

Even if a marketing study is launched to find the new company name, the name "Accenture" is offered by an employee of the Danish office in Oslo (Norway), named Kim Petersen, following an internal competition. The competition launched by Accenture's objective was to find a name that represents the will to be the leading global consulting and high performance, and that does not shock in countries where the consultancy works.

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