Parkour: beautiful sport

The Parkour is a physical practice of transforming elements of the scenery of urban or rural hurdles by jumping, climbing. The goal is to move from one point to another as efficiently as possible. This discipline was created in France, Sarcelles, in Smooth and Evry by David Belle, Sebastien Foucan, and the members of Yamakasi founders, is inspired by "the natural method of physical education" Georges H├ębert. It has then spread worldwide by the filmography, which was dedicated to him, television reports and amateur videos on the Internet.

The tracer (parkour practitioner) attempts to find a way through places that normal people would borrow. He seeks to overcome, by movements which are intended to be helpful, efficient, fast and simple. The stunt did not respond to these qualities of utility and efficiency, but can provide an aesthetic and personal pleasure. The plotters are the most famous David Belle, Sebastien Foucan, the Yamakasi.

The practice of parkour requires good physical condition to have a better impact resistance. A good physique can also increase the capacity, agility, mind and the confidence of the practitioner. Risk taking is calculated and such practice on the roof is not necessary, the soil representing many more obstacles to pass.

The history
The Parkour was founded in the 80p. David Belle has learned the natural method of his father Raymond Belle, in the forests of northern France. Georges Hebert, who was a French military has developed this method to train his mind and body in harmony with nature. After moving to Smooth, a suburb of Paris, David has tried to alienate the expertise of his father in his new environment. Gradually, the overcoming small obstacles became a sport, Belle and her friends began to cross over great obstacles and even entire buildings. For the public Internet and television parkour has become well known throughout the world. In 1997 David Belle and Sebastian Foucan created the group "the Yamakasi". In the early twenty-first century, they separated and Foucan founded sport called "Freerunning" that looks at parkour. In the film The French Tournament participant illustrated by its French touch fingerprint techniques from parkour or freerunning.

The drive
As parkour there are basics. It is important to train these elements. The practice of parkour requires good physical condition to have a better impact resistance. So in addition to their normal training tracers are many bodybuilding.

Many consider the parkour tracers not only as a sport, but also as an art. Unlike the people who practice a similar kind of sport, the tracer does not impress anyone. Freestyle interlude does not fall within the sport course. Another aspect of the philosophy is freedom. It is often said that parkour can be practiced by anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. This freedom has been a powerful cultural force in Europe, with the spread of its influence in the world.

There are different kinds of jumps as "jumping cat", the "relaxation break" or "precision jump". The roll motion is very important too and we must train many hours. When you make a roll, it dampens the fall in taxiing from one shoulder to the opposite hip after jumping. The ticking is useful if you want to go through an obstacle with another hurdle. tick- tat is as follows: we run into such a wall, jump against the wall and using energy to cross another object. The half-round or also called "back drop" is the easiest way to find themselves caught on the other side of a fence or wall in one motion.

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