Air guitar

Air guitar
The Air Guitar is an activity which is to mimic, usually on the mode of derision, the gesture of a guitar without an instrument in hand.

Prior to triumph on stage, all budding rockers start to their room in the mirror, practicing without knowing what is called the Air Guitar. In 1969, the Woodstock Festival, Joe Cocker gives a stunning demonstration before a stunned audience. In the 70s, the explosion of hard rock and worship guitar-heroes inflame the fans, who strafed solos to their imaginary stereo channels.

Each year since 1994, students in the Department of Audiovisual Arts-Deco Oulu, Finland, Oulu organize the Music Video Festival, devoted to popular culture as music videos, films and concerts.

In 1996, in addition to this concept, the first Air Guitar World Championships, whose original idea had been used briefly by the English, a year ago, at a party at the Lift Club in Brighton.

The festival, which arouses the attention of international media gathered during 4-5 days of the end of August, nearly 20,000 participants, among whom are the Jimi Hendrix guitar invisible from around the world to win the trophy for best virtual guitar.

Indeed, the Air Guitar rapidly mobilizes the masses of the world, first by organizing national championships in a large number of countries (England, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, USA, Ireland, Iceland, Norway , New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.), which are qualified to rub each other in Finland during the great world final. In this long official list of participating countries, plus France since 2005.

If the phenomenon of "invisible guitar is practiced quite spontaneous long it will wait until summer 2002 for a first championship is organized in the premises of Project 101 in Paris. He then celebrated by the group in the clip Rinocerose "Music Kills Me," and among the first French to have been scraping the dust people, we find the crazy PA 4000.

But in June 2003 that this practice takes a real scale in France. Nouveau Casino (Paris) held the first championship worthy of the name with thirty participants and a winning charisma dark Joelle Tempest.

Originally championship Nouveau Casino, Rita Cadillac decided in 2004 to raise the French Federation of Air Guitar in association Disco-Babel, in agreement with the World Championships.

After winning an Epiphone Flying V (the hard guitar-rockers in the form of lightning) and published in Le Monde, Joelle Tempest gave his title Thurs, June 21 2005 and has been dethroned by Monkey Boy. In 2006, Sideburn prevails, while in 2007 Moche Pitt brings a title of Vice World Champion in France. In 2008, the Masters champion called Peace which ranks 4th in the World Championships.

With the coronation of Sylvain Quimène, alias Gunther Love, in 2009, this phenomenon has grown in France, attracting the media curious to learn more about this discipline. Canal + has hosted several times including on its trays French champions and of course the world champion Gunther Love. This occurs particularly in the summer 2010 issue The News Show at the Air News where he tries to guess the personalities and events of the current candidates for 90 seconds.

Thus, the championships are continuing to occur each year in a dozen cities in France, online at Canal + (handle video) and on trains iDTGV.

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