San Andres Island

San Andres Island
San Andres is an island of the archipelago of San Andres y Providencia, Colombia.

Declared free port in 1953, and at only 1h30 by plane from Bogota, San Andres is the largest island of the archipelago with 26 sq km in area and an average temperature of 27 degrees, San Andres for 90% of the population of Archipelago of San Andres and Providencia. Commercial and touristic city, San Andres is known for its beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by coconut trees, clear water with its seven shades of blue, excellent hotel infrastructure and its well-stocked shops of imported products and is the largest and most The most visited islands. One of its main attractions is its proximity to the islets Johnny Cay, El Acuario, Cotton Cay, Crab Cay, Haines Cay, Cays and Brothers.

Center City (downtown) San Andres is located at the north end of the island's top tourist destination, business, commerce (the majority of restaurants are in this sector) and offices government. It is also here that we find the municipal beach, Playa Sprat Bight (which extends 450 meters of white sand), which are presented musical concerts. The architecture is thoroughly modern, though a few rustic houses recall the days not so distant.

The District of San Luis
The District of San Luis is one of the most traditional of the island, with its wooden houses and the architecture of the West Indies. In the past, it was the main port of the island where we shipped the coconut. There are lovely beaches in this district, as well as some hotels and some excellent restaurants that blend in perfectly with the local architecture. The beaches of San Luis have different names, depending on their location. Sound Bay is the longest and its name comes from the fact that in this place, the waves hitting the reef coral. Jenny Bay pink coral sand and is very popular among children of the island. Cocoplum Bay is a favorite of children and adolescents because of its shallow water, white sand and green and blue of its water. Rocky Cay is a small rocky island covered with shrubs which is within walking distance of the beach.

Attractions in San Andres
- Johnny Cay is a small island which can be seen from the main beach (municipal). It is the preferred place for tourists. The most idyllic of the Archipelago which palms, music, food and water, beautiful, worthy of Bora Bora. To the east of San Andres you can also see Haynes Cay and Acuario. Haynes Cay is a small island with a dozen palm and his right, is the island Acuario.

- La Cueva de Morgan: The infamous pirate Henry Morgan was resident on the island, and at this place that he planned various assaults on galleons laden with gold to Europe. It has not been established exactly where his treasure was hidden, but some islanders affirm that it was in the Cueva de Morgan it appears. La Cueva is a cave deep coral which communicates with the sea through a series of tunnels.

- El Cove: This bay is the best place to watch the wonderful sunsets. It was here that the naval vessels and cruise the Caribbean anchored. A place to conduct scuba diving and restaurants selling local dishes.

- The piscinita: A natural pool ideal for snorkelling.

- Pox Hole: The sea has carved a natural pool in the coral. We went there for swimming or snorkeling. It is found in south-east of the island just after the road Tom Hooker

- El hoyo soplador (Blowing Hole Hole or blower): Located on the southernmost tip of the island. Blowing Hole introduces us to a natural phenomenon, the pride of the island, which is produced by a series of underground tunnels dug into the rock to meet a few meters from the sea at high tide when the wind pushes waves in these tunnels with sufficient force, air and water are compressed in the tunnel and emerge with a strong pressure as a geyser, the jet reached an average height of 15 feet.

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