The Kecak is a Balinese dance form, usually in the 50-100 male with a black-and-white checkered loincloth-clad dancers used.

These are sitting or standing a circle. By changing pace and volume they call "Kecak Kecak Cak-a-Cak" while her arms and hands evocative movements. Later join other figures in the circle of dancers. This (Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Garuda, and Rawana), accompanied by the song of the singer, the Ramayana epic. Because of the affenartigen sounds and movements of the dancers, the Kecak often referred to as "Monkey Dance."

The Kecak has its roots in ancient Balinese Sanghyang trance dance. In the current form of Kecak exists only since about 1930. The idea for the Kecak originates from the German painter Walter Spies. Today is the Kecak a popular tourist attraction, which is often combined with other dances. The rocks of Ulu Watu temple and the Pura Dalem in Ubud apply as places to Kecak in a very intense atmosphere.

The group Mr. Bungle, in one of her songs "singing" of the Kecak Dance, and incorporated into a kind of "Hard Rock" version. That part of balinesichen singing faengt after about 2'40 minutes of the song "Goodbye Sober Day"

The German electronic-dance-music-formation RMB used the chanting of the Kecak on track "Chakka Chakka" on her album "This World is yours."

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