Music Keroncong

The kroncong is a musical instrument type ukulélé. It is used in traditional Indonesian music with a group of musicians usually composed, in addition to the kroncong player, a flutist and a singer.

By extension, the music played with this instrument is typed kroncong. She has appeared in the sixteenth century when sailors imported instruments and Portuguese music in Indonesia. She was first treated by the people of the people, Buaya. Then she came back gradually in all social strata. It is now considered part of Indonesian folklore.

The musical

In the form of him that was earliest, moresco was accompanied by string music, like the violin, ukulelel, as well as the cello.
Percussion also sometimes was used.
The set of the band of this kind still was used by keroncong the Pillar, the form keroncong that still was played by the descendants's community of the Portugis slave from Ambon that lived in the Tugu Village, Jakarta Utara.
Pem-"indigenous people"-an keroncong made him mixed art, with the musical equipment seperti

the zither of India
the whistle bambu
the drum, kenong, and saron as one set gamelan
the gong.

At this time, the musical instrument that was used in the band keroncong mencakup

the choke ukulele, berdawai 3 (nylon), the place of his tone was G, B and E; the ukulele cak, berdawai 4 (the steel), the place of his tone of A, D, of Fis, and B. So when the other musical instrument played the ladder of the C tone, cak playing to the ladder of the F tone (was known with the term in F) ;
the acoustics guitar (the Ukulele and the Guitar menggatikan the zither) ;
the violin (replaced the Re- Chapter) ;
flut (mengantikan the Bamboo Whistle) ;
the cello; the contra-bass (replaced the Gong)

The guard of the rhythm was held by the ukulele and the bass.
The guitar and the cello arranged the transition akord.
The violin functioned as the melody guide, at the same time the decoration/the ornament.
Flut filled the decoration, that flew-layang filled up empty melody space.
The form keroncong that is mixt with popular music now used the organ as well as synthesizer to accompany the popular song.


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