Ludruk was traditional drama art from East Java.
Ludruk was a traditional drama that was exhibited by a group of art that in presented disebuah the stage by taking the story about the life of the everyday people, the struggle story et cetera who was come between with the joke and was accompanied with the gamelan as music.

The dialogue/the monologue in ludruk was entertained and made his spectator laugh, used the typical Surabaya language, although occasionally had the guest star from the other area like Jombang, Malang, Madura, Madiun with the different accent.
The pertinent language that was used in ludruk, made him find it easy to be absorbed by the non intellect circle (the pedicab driver, the watchman, the driver angkotan, etc).

A staging ludruk normally was begun with the Remo Dance and was come between with the staging of a leading figure that memerakan "Mr Sakera", a person jagoan Madura.
Kartolo was a comedian ludruk legendary from Surabaya, East Java.
He already more than 40 years lived in the world of art ludruk.
The Kartolo name and his voice that were typical, with the plain and smart prank, were known almost all over East Java, in fact as far as Central Java.
Ludruk be different from ketoprak from Central Java.
Related ketoprak often was taken from the ancient story (the history and the fairy tale), and was sent the certain message.
Now ludruk told how the story lived everyday (usually) the man in the street's circle.


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