Prince Akishino (jap秋筱宫文仁亲王殿下Akishino-no-miya Fumihito shinnō denka) (* Nov. 30, 1965), also called Prince Fumihito (文仁亲王Fumihito shinnō), is the second son of the Emperor of Japan acting (Akihito) and his wife Michiko and second in succession. Since his marriage in June 1990 he carries the title Akishino-no-miya, and is head of a separate branch of the Japanese imperial family.

Akishino studied law and biology at Gakushuin University. Then he studied the taxonomy of fish at St John's College, University of Oxford.

Marriage and Family
The imperial Hofamt the prince gave permission, a new side line of the imperial family. The Emperor of Japan gave his second son Akishino the title no miya (秋筱宫) to his wedding day. Akishino married on 29 June 1990 Princess Kiko.

The couple has three children:

* Princess Akishino of Mako (眞子内亲王殿下) (* 23 October 1991)
* Princess Akishino of Kako (佳子内亲王殿下* 29) (December 1994)
* Hisahito by Prince Akishino (悠仁亲王殿下) (* 6 September 2006)
Hisahito Prince is the first male descendant of the Japanese imperial family for 40 years. The son is in the Third throne after his uncle, Crown Prince Naruhito and his father.


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