The guzheng, Chinese forerunner of the Japanese koto and Korean kayagum, originated over 2300 years ago and is one of the oldest plucked instruments in China. Because of its melodic qualities, the Guzheng was extremely popular for both court and folk music. The sound box is made of paulownia wood; the strings, varying in number from thirteen to twenty-five, used to be made of silk, but are nowadays metal or nylon. They are tuned to a pentatonic scale with a range of more than four octaves.

Our guzhengs have become the instruments of choice for concert performances for many professional guzheng players, students, educators and music suppliers. They have received many China national awards such as the "Provincial Science and Technology Award" in 1998 and the "First Gold Roll of Science and Technology Prize of the State Labor Department of China". They have entries in the "Encyclopedia of Chinese Achievements in Science and Technology" and the "Dictionary of Famous, Special and Excellent Products of Modern China".

The prices and levels of the various models are determined by the material and workmanship, which are the main factors that affect sound quality. You might see similar looking instruments in music stores, but not necessarily with the same sound quality and workmanship.

Each model has its own special characteristics. Please see the description for each model.

We work directly with the makers and there is no middle man. This enables us to offer the highest quality and lowest prices.

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