The Naked Man

I met the man in the highway.
The dirty body, whether already how many years did not bathe.
His hair has joined, appeared hard.
To his left arms had one tato illustrated the star.

He smiled personally.
Smiled to who, I did not know.
Possibly smiled to himself, or possibly smiled to the world that increasingly was not friendly.

Went aimless.
His testicle swayed, as though defiant.
The woman who by chance met by him definitely will close his eyes.

I pay attention to tato illustrated the star.
Definitely he previously was the normal man.
But why he could like that?
Was he frightened because of being pursued relentlessly by police?
Or thought about his wife who was again married?
Or also thought about the debt that many?

I could not think about him too much in.
Because of thinking about himself has had a headache.

Enjoy it your roads the friend.

Basuki Fitrianto

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