The Monumental Sculpture

A coat of arms pile, also falsely totem pole is a pole, in the crest of a family - and not their totem - eingeschnitzt. They were especially among the Indians of the American Northwest Coast disseminated.

The Totem pole was mostly from the wood of giant living trees (Thuja plicata, Western Redcedar, North-West and Canada-US spreads) manufactured.

Each family had heraldic animals, which not only on the coat of arms pile, but also on everyday objects such as dishes, guns, boxes, blankets, house walls, etc. were displayed.

A pile Emblem was to protect against evil spirits, a tribute to the dead, or even just to the coat of arms to show.

The original home of the elaborately carved, up to 20 m high wooden pillars lies in the coastal regions of British Columbia. With plants grellbunt painted colors, they served as symbols prestige and family crest. Powerful chieftains and family clans were important tribal myths, individual events and people in encrypted form in wooden structures. The old poles to indicate, it is difficult: it is necessary to know myths of the tribe and its history. The animals depicted are highly stylized.

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