Beastie Boys


Beastie Boys
Beastie Boys is a group of old school rap American originally from New York. Its core members are Mike D (Michael Diamond), MCA (Adam Yauch) and Adrock (Adam Horovitz), but many other musicians and DJs have played in the group, some for a period sufficiently long as DJ Hurricane and Mix Master Mike.

In its early years the band played the Old School Hardcore near Minor Threat and Bad Brains. Then the group is to the hip hop with his first album Licensed to Ill. Note that this album was the first hip-hop album to become No. 1 in the United States.

Band Members
In 2006, the group was composed of:

* Michael Diamond aka Mike D, born Nov. 20, 1965;
* Adam Yauch aka MCA, born August 5, 1964;
* Adam Horovitz aka Adrock, born on October 31, 1966.

It should be noted that members of Beastie Boys from the upper classes of society. They are present for each album recorded. Kate Schellenbach on drums and John Berry on guitar were members of the original group but were discontinued in 1984. Horovitz replaces Berry in 1983.

Some frequent contributors to the group:

* Michael Schwartz alias Mixmaster Mike (DJ)
* Mario Caldato Junior alias Mario C (producer)
* John King and Mike Simpson alias The Dust Brothers (producers)
* Mark Ramos-Nishita aka Money Mark (keyboard, voice, carpentry)
* Wendell Fite aka DJ Hurricane (DJ)
* Eric Bobo (percussion)
* Alias AWOL Amery Smith (drums)

Year Title Label
1982 Pollywog Stew (EP) Ratcage Records
1983 Cooky Puss (EP) Ratcage Records
1984 Rock Hard (EP) Def Jam
1986 Licensed to Ill Def Jam
1989 Paul's Boutique Capitol Records
1992 Check Your Head Capitol Records
1994 Ill Communication Capitol Records
1994 HipHop Sampler Capitol Records
1994 Some Old Bullshit
(compilation de titres de la première période) Capitol Records
1995 Aglio e Olio Grand Royal
1996 Don't Mosh In The Ramen Shop (ECD) Grand Royal/Turntable Media
1996 The In Sound From Way Out! Capitol Records
1998 Hello Nasty Capitol Records
1999 The Sounds of Science Capitol Records
2003 In A World Gone Mad Capitol Records
2004 To the 5 Boroughs Capitol Records
2005 Solid Gold Hits (Compilation) Capitol Records
2007 The Mix-Up Capitol Records


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