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Michael Jackson
Michael Joseph Jackson born August 29 1958 in Gary (Indiana) and died on 25 June 2009 in Los Angeles (California), is a singer-songwriter, dancer-choreographer, poet and American businessman. Seventh in a family of nine children, he began his career at the age of eleven years in the Jackson Five then began his solo career in 1971 while remaining a member of the group. Thereafter nicknamed "The King of Pop"(in french "The King of Pop"), he released five albums studio among the best sellers in the world: Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995).

In the early 1980s, Michael Jackson became a figure in pop music and is one of the most famous of the twentieth century. Short films such as Beat It, Billie Jean or Thriller gave new impetus to music video clips. During his many concerts and live appearances, he has popularized many dance steps, including the moonwalk, which became his signature. His musical and vocal style has influenced many other artists of Hip-Hop, Pop and R'n'B.

During his career, Michael Jackson has set numerous records of the recording industry. Total sales are estimated at 750 million which ranks the biggest selling albums of all time (for a solo artist). Thriller, with sales estimates vary between 65 and 108 million, it is the best-selling album in the history of music. He won more than any other artist and was named Artist of the Millennium at the World Music Awards in 2000.

Michael Jackson has collected and donated more than $ 400 million for charities including through its tour Dangerous World Tour, but his public image has been tarnished because of some aspects of his private life, including his change of appearance, his eccentric lifestyle and two counts of abuse of children for which he was acquitted and released, respectively. His two marriages and three children have also been the source of controversy, but despite this controversy, Michael Jackson remains one of the major figures of the music of the last forty years.

On 25 June 2009, Michael Jackson dies at his home of cardiac arrest in the neighborhood of Bel Air in Los Angeles, and his death was pronounced shortly after the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

His childhood
Michael Joseph Jackson was born into a family of modest means, which is the seventh of nine children. The whole family lived in a small house with two rooms in the city worker Gary in Indiana. Michael's father, Joseph Jackson, earning a modest life in a steelworks. Under the influence of their mother Katherine, but against the wishes of their father, Jackson children were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses and evangelical missions conducting door-to-door.

According to the rules imposed by highly authoritarian Joseph, the children were kept at home in the evening when he worked at night. However, the children were able to regularly leave their homes to reach the homes of neighbors where they sang and played music. The elder brother of the family, Tito, played occasionally with the guitar Joseph (which was part of a small local group unsuccessfully called "The Falcons").

Little Michael was trying to imitate the movements of James Brown he saw on television. One story relates that even Michael improvised dance steps listening to the rhythm of the washing machine when his mother was turning.

After numerous remarks by his wife, Joseph finally went on the musical abilities of their children and decided to capitalize on their talents, in order to leave Gary for California.

While the little Michael sees his success grow by the day, it goes live at the age of 11 years with Diana Ross, discovering in passing the excesses of Beverly Hills, propelling permanently in the world of show business, while it is still a child.

His marriage, his children and his friends
Michael Jackson got married for the first time in the Dominican Republic on May 26, 1994 with the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, and was legally separated from the latter by mutual agreement on January 18, 1996. Jackson then remarried on November 16, 1996 with a woman of the Jewish faith, Deborah Rowe, his dermatologist's assistant he knew since 1981. They had a son together they called Prince Michael Jr., and a daughter named Katherine Paris, and then divorced amicably in October 8, 1999. Debbie Rowe declare leave 'gift' (claiming several million dollars) two children sole custody of Michael Jackson, abandoning her parental rights. Since December 2005, Rowe took a family court to resume his parental rights. The case has since been resolved so as to meet both parents. Sponsors of the two children are the stars Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin.

In 2002, Jackson had another son, Prince Michael II (nicknamed "Blanket") that the identity of the mother has remained confidential, and with whom he sparked a major controversy. Indeed, in November of that same year, the singer went to Germany in the city of Berlin in order to receive an award at a major event. The ceremony was considered sufficiently important to American authorizes a judge to postpone the date of his testimony in the context of a complaint lodged by the German producer Marcel Avram to cancel concerts a few years earlier.

Upon arrival of the star in Berlin, his admirers have quickly learned that he resided in very chic Hotel Adlon. They met under the window of his suite for the call and applaud, and sang a song condemning the media for their negative coverage of the various legal problems of Jackson. According to the singer, his admirers have also shouted that they wanted to see Prince Michael II. In response, it brought his youngest son on the balcony, in the surrounding of his right arm and with a light veil on her head, apparently to protect his identity. He then held a few seconds over the railing of the balcony, then they are both returned to the room. The move was strongly criticized by the world press, which felt that there was endangering the life of a child. This is one of the biggest blunders of his career, speaking media. After seeing media coverage of the event, the California Public Prosecutor (2005) wrote a letter to the California Department of Child Protection to order trigger an investigation procedure on health, safety of the three children of Michael Jackson and the ability of the latter to raise them. Because Services Child Protection never do their investigations public, the initiation of any action is, however, remains unknown.

A few days later, the singer presented his apology in a written statement in which he stated that he wished his son very strongly and he made this gesture so hasty and rash at the numerous cheering fans at the bottom of the hotel: "I made a terrible mistake. I was taken by the excitement of the moment. I never deliberately put the lives of my children in danger. In a report entitled Living With Michael Jackson in February 2003, Jackson returned to the outbreak of this argument by saying that the media had been wrong in their comments that the irresponsible said: "I love my children. I wanted my son very strongly against me. Why essayerais I throw a baby from a balcony? This is the story the most ridiculous and most stupid that I have ever heard. "

In their public appearances, the faces of Prince, Paris and "Blanket" are concealed under masks for children or veils, in order to ensure their safety while preserving their identity. Debbie Rowe said that it was his idea because of the many anonymous death threats they received. Michael said in a recent interview that he would love to bring his children with him on stage and show their faces to its fans. After the children were sighted in Living With Michael Jackson, many people s'interrogèrent biological paternity on Michael Jackson, because no African trait is really visible on them. The singer explained that his own father, Joe, is black but has blue eyes and that some ancestors of the Jackson family are white, and even North Americans. However, in that same documentary, Jackson revealed he had used a surrogate mother for a black "Blanket."

During a trip to Japan in May 2006, he had also visited several orphanages in order to adopt a child.

For a long time, many rumors were triggered by several women who say that Michael is the father of their children. One of them even claimed she was pregnant with quadruplets. In the early 1980's, a woman said that MJ was the father of one of his twins! The book Michael Jackson on the other side of the mirror Yves Gautier, on this question of the relationship of Jackson to fatherhood, shows, among other things, how Michael Jackson paterne "in the manner of a single mother" and what Framework puts relationship to his children. The author speaks of a kind of curse of childhood.

Among the close friends of Jackson, most of whom have known him as a celebrity in their earliest years are Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Marlon Brando, Mark Lester, Gregory Peck, Katharine Hepburn, Dodi Al-Fayed, Macaulay Culkin Chris Tucker. The latter two came to testify on his behalf during his trial in 2005.

Careers with the Jackson Five / The Jacksons
Three brothers Jackson (Jackie, Tito and Jermaine) formed the pop group The Jackson Brothers in the early 1960's. Two other children Jackson, Marlon and Michael, joined the group in 1964 to become Jackson Five. It is from this point that the career of the band actually began under the direction of their father Joe. The group formally presented to the press by their patron Diana Ross, will become one of the most popular of the Motown stable, label composed mainly of black artists, including Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, or Diana Ross and The Supremes.

The first hit of the Jackson 5 was I Want You Back, which will become number 1 and will be followed by three more consecutive hits, ABC, The Love You Save, and I'll Be There, song rebate for every day by Mariah Carey in the mid - 1990. This is the first time that the first four singles of a group all become number 1. The ascent of the Jackson 5 is dizzying, and the young Michael became the darling of the public. Their popularity will begin to decline around 1972, but the Jackson 5 will still No. 1 with almost disco Dancing Machine.

Lacking artistic freedom, the Jackson 5 announced to the press that they decide to leave Motown on June 30, 1975. Jermaine will not be of the adventure, married to the daughter of Berry Gordy (president of the Motown), he embarked on a solo career while at Motown. This is the last brother, Randy, who joined the group, which is now The Jacksons. Despite a change from the record companies, the first two albums are disappointing and fully formatted by the producers Gamble and Huff. The compositions of the Jacksons are drowned amidst sirupeuses ballads.

It was not until 1978 and the album Destiny to measure the talent of the brothers Jacksons and especially Michael. This album, written and produced entirely by the Jacksons, give two hits Blame It On The Boogie and bubbling Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground). The next album, Triumph, released in 1980, and includes the hits Lovely One, and Can You Feel It including video (designed by Michael itself) is virtually a remake of "Encounters of the Third Kind. A live album appeared in 1981 gathering of Jackson 5 songs to The Jacksons. Michael now eclipse the group, he sings his own compositions: the masterly rock with you, or Do not Stop 'Till You Get Enough which will become number 1 in billboards and she's out of my life, both obtained from the album Off The Wall, the first solo album by Michael Jackson released in 1979.

In 1984, the album Victory seals disunity in the group, each member that does production of his own compositions, including Michael for a duet with Mick Jagger, State Of Shock (originally recorded with Freddie Mercury). The Victory Tour marks the last appearance on stage brothers Jacksons concerts to Madison Square Garden 7 and September 10, 2001 in honor of the 30th anniversary of Michael's solo career. By 1989 2300 Jackson St. (Then appear in the clip).

The beginnings
Although relatively unknown to the public, four solo albums before Michael Jackson Off the Wall.

The album Got To Be There was released in January 1972 under the label Motown, while Michael was barely 13 years old.

That same year, with Ben, the young Michael acquire a more mature voice, especially in the many ballads of this album. The title song became the first No. 1 solo by Michael Jackson in 1972. The song is from the film of the same name, this title will be worth him a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination.

The album Music And Me in 1973, the solo album by Michael at Motown was at the lowest sales.

In 1975, Michael finishes his contract binding him as a solo artist for Motown with the album Forever, Michael (this is also the same year that the Jackson 5 left the label). He then decided to sign with Epic Records (label to be redeemed later and become a subsidiary of Sony Music), against the advice of many people around him.

Since then, the Motown has retained the rights to use in many compilations of songs Michael during this period.

History, a double album, released in June 1995. The first disc contains fifteen of remastered greatest hits of Michael Jackson. One runway is 16th on this first disc, but only for the first pressing sold. This track contains a bonus audio message thanking fans for their support and the second galette 15 new songs (including a resumption of the Beatles, Come Together, recorded years ago for the film Moonwalker). The album has led to two new clips singles and the top ranking American Scream, a duet with his sister Janet, and You Are Not Alone with a brief appearance of Lisa Marie Presley (wife of Michael at the time). Other singles from the album, Childhood, Earth Song, Stranger In Moscow, and They Do not Care About Us have met with limited success in the United States as opposed to Europe. In the United Kingdom, Earth Song stayed six weeks at the top of the hit-parades and is the single most Michael sold in this country (ahead of "Billie Jean"). Earth Song is a pop-gospel anthem against environmental destruction. In the end, the album has sold more than 20 million copies around the world. And it is twice the best selling album of all time.

Childhood The song became the soundtrack Free Willy 2. They Do not Care About Us sparked controversy when it was first released because of his controversial lyrics, which some see as anti-Semitic, which Jackson denies. The phrases "Jew me, sue me / Kick me, kike me" are amended in a second wave of exit from the album. In this song, the singer expresses his desire not to be locked into categories relating to colour or to its roots: "Treat me Jewish, white or black" ( "Do not you black or white me "). The first shot clip for the song to a prison setting, where Jackson is in a cell on the walls of rock which screens scattered images of police blunders, wars, and so on. It is not unlike that of Man In The Mirror (already aired shortly at the time). This clip go unnoticed and Spike Lee turns a second version in Brazil with Michael dancing in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, with drumming group Olodum. Another single from the album should have seen the light of day, Smile, a tribute to Charlie Chaplin, but was cancelled shortly before its distribution.

In 1997, Sony imposes on Michael Jackson to break Blood on the Dance Floor, an album of remixes of some songs from HIStory and 5 new songs. This album is intended to accompany the European part of the HIStory World Tour.
The song title was released in with a single clip co-directed by Michael. The album went almost unnoticed in the United States but was once again more popular in Europe. This was the album of remixes the world's best sold (6 million copies sold).
Michael Jackson has also produced Ghosts, a short film sensational 40 minutes directed by Stan Winston, and written by Michael and Stephen King, which was broadcast out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997 and then in a few cinemas. The film uses the songs Bad 2, Ghosts and Is It Scary (2 unreleased tracks from the album Blood on the Dancefloor). "Ghosts" is the second single from the album of remixes, along with a clip involving images of the short film. It is occasionally broadcast on television musical, especially during Halloween.

In June 1999 are organised two special concerts entitled Michael Jackson & Friends with charitable aims, one in Seoul and one in Munich. These concerts together on stage with Michael some of the world's biggest stars (Andrea Bocelli, Mariah Carey, Scorpions, Noa, Ringo Starr ...). A song written for the occasion, What More Can I Give, will not be performed on stage or marketed prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

In March 2001, Michael was introduced as a solo artist at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame (there had already been introduced with his brothers in 1997). On 7 and September 10, 2001, it celebrates its thirty years of solo career and gives his brothers with a show at Madison Square Garden (New York). The single What More Can I Give Michael attended, as well as many artists as Celine Dion, Beyoncé, Usher, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, not out in trade following the refusal of Sony but is still available for download on the Internet Pay and the funds raised will go to victims of the September 11 attacks. A Spanish version was also produced, Todo Para Ti, among other Shakira, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, and a clip (English version).

Albums released under the label Motown:

* Got To Be There (1972) - 4.1 million albums sold to date.
Ben * (1972) - 4.4 million albums sold to date.
* Music And Me (1973) - 2 million albums sold to date.
* Forever, Michael (1975) - 1.7 million albums sold to date.
* The Best of Michael Jackson (1975) - 2.2 million albums sold to date.
* One Day In Your Life (compilation of unpublished) (1981) - 1.6 million albums sold to date.
* Farewell My Summer Love (compilation of unpublished) (1984) - 2.1 million albums sold to date.
* Looking Back To Yesterday (a compilation of unpublished) (1986) - 3 million albums sold to date.

Albums released under the label Epic Records (Sony Music / Sony BMG):

* Off the Wall (1979) - 19 million albums sold to date.
* Thriller (1982) - 104 million albums sold to date (54 million proved).
* Bad (1987) - 31 million albums sold to date.
* Dangerous (1991) - 30 million albums sold to date.
* HIStory - Past, Present, and Future Book 1 (1995) - 18 million albums sold to date.
* Blood on the Dance Floor - HIStory in the Mix (1997) - 5.5 million albums sold to date.
* Invincible (2001) - 7.5 million albums sold to date (the promotion has been arrested in progress

Drive to a conflict between Jackson and his own record).

* Number Ones (compilation) (2003) - 6.5 million albums sold to date.
* The Ultimate Collection (box 4CDs +1 DVD) (2004) - 275000 albums sold to date.
* The Essential Michael Jackson (2CDs compilation) (2005) - 2.5 million albums sold to date.
* Visionary - The Video Singles (box dual discs) (2006)
* Thriller (25th Anniversary Edition) (2008)


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