The three members of the group are from Hollis (in Queens, New York).

Run (for running at the mouth) is the younger brother of Russell Simmons, the cause of the major Def Jam, which he presented Kurtis Blow and became DJ. Soon, Darryl McDaniels joined at the microphone in his shows. Then they will meet Jason Mizell (Jam Master Jay) at the university.

Their first tube, "It's Like That" was recorded in 1983 on a small label Profile. Its B side, "Sucker MC's," has an incredibly hard to beat the time, and is regarded as the first piece of hardcore rap. The first record was a tremendous success, and the album that followed.

The second album released in 1985, entitled King Of Rock, has been increasingly successful. It includes collaborations with LL Cool J then aged only 16 years.

In 1986 it was the film they appeared in the movie Krush Groove hectic, with the Beastie Boys. The bad publicity that follows does not prevent the registration of their third album Raising Hell, which was ranked third in the Billboard charts and sold more than 3 million copies, the first platinum album in the history of rap! The album contains the famous remix of "Walk This Way" that relança Aerosmith's career and remains one of the 10 best single in the history… The members of Run DMC are also the first people outside sports to contract with a famous sports firm for the modest sum of $ 1000000 ... They will even an ode to sneakers (sneakers) they wear constantly through mégatube "My Adidas".

The group toured the scene of violence and shootings when they released their fifth album Back From Hell, which does not meet the successful past.

Accusations of rape to alcoholism, problems have accumulated for the group during this period. They may then resort to religion and make a comeback, in 1993 with Down With The King (Gold). That year, they also participate in the BO Film Judgement Night with the rock band Living Colour-fusion.

A break of eight years later, leaving a new and final album in 2001 with Crown Royal.

On October 30, 2002, Jason Mizell, considered by his admirers as one of the largest and most influential rappers ever known, was murdered by gunshot in Queens, New York, at the age of only 37 years.

* Run-D.M.C. (1984)
* King Of Rock (1985)
* Raising Hell (1986)
* Tougher Than Leather (1988)
* Back From Hell (1990)
* Down With The King (1993)
* Crown Royal (2001)
* Greatest hits (2002)
* Best Of (2003)
* Ultimate Run-D.M.C. (2003)


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