Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and is located approximately 18 km east of Yogyakarta on the island of Java. Prambanan was built around the year 850, either under Rakai Pikatan, the king of the second Mataram dynasty, or at Bali Tung Maha Sambu during the Sanjaya Dynasty. Soon after its completion, the temple was abandoned and began to lapse.

The reconstruction of the complex began in 1918 and is still not completed. The main building was completed in 1953. Above all, retrieval and the correct allocation of the original building materials prepares problems, as often material to distant buildings reused. Thus, only reconstructed buildings, of which at least 75% of the original stones, and many of the smaller shrines is still not much more than the foundation walls.

The plant is one of the largest Hindu temples in Southeast Asia. It was established in 1991 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A characteristic is the high and sharp design, typical of Hindu temples, and the rigorous arrangement of numerous individual temple for the 47-metre-high main building in the middle.

The facility consists of eight Hauptschreinen or temples, as well as more than 250 individual temples, the Hauptschreine surrounded. The three main shrines, Trisakti ( "three sacred places"), are the three gods Shiva the destroyer, Vishnu the preserver, and Brahma the Creator consecrated. That is the basic structure of the Trimurti - the Hindu Göttertrinität - which in many Hindu temples, including in Indonesia (eg Besakih in Bali), and retail.

Within a radius of a few kilometers from Prambanan Temple There are more Hindu temples, but most were not reconstructed.

A strong earthquake on 27 May 2006, the temple was severely damaged. To the exact extent of the damage to grasp, the plant closed for a few weeks and there were serious structural damage to the Candi Brahma, Vishnu and Garuda. Since July 2006 and the renovation work, how exactly the structural damage to the aforementioned Candi be resolved is still open for discussion, including a complete rebuild. Since August 2006, Prambanan again open to visitors, but may not enter the shrines, as still collapse and stone shock.

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