Big Daddy Kane


Big Daddy Kane
Antonio Hardy grew up in Bed-Stuy, a district of Brooklyn. His career began in 1984 with a Biz Markie under the pseudonym Big Daddy Kane, Kane which means "King Asiatic Nobody's Equal." He and Kane were great friends and Biz was very impressed with his talent as a rapper and producer presented Marley Marl who led the group "Juice Crew" which Kane and Biz Markie will be among its most important. In 1987, Big Daddy Kane signs a contract with "Cold Chillin '. He recorded his first single "Raw", which was a real phenomenon in the rap underground. That same year, he released Long Live The Kane's first album, his first classic, which propel to the top of the rap especially with the single "Is not No Half-Steppin '. A year later, her second album It's a Big Daddy Thing gets a huge success. On this album, he worked with the producer Teddy Riley on "I Get the Job Done." In 1990, Her new album, A Taste Of Chocolate gets a great success with its featurings with Barry White, Camilla Shabazz (Malcolm X's daughter) and Dolemite. A year later, his album Prince of Darkness fails to follow the success of previous ones. It was much more of that kind of pure RnB Rap that his fans expected. Big Daddy Kane continued to be present on the stages of showbiz making pictures half naked for Madonna's book titled "Sex" and also for the magazine Girl Play. In 1993, his new album Looks Like A Job For did sadly, no success. In 1994, he signed a contract with another label, MCA Records and released a new album entitled "Daddy's Home". Big Daddy Kane began a career in film. He played especially in "Western" Posse "or in Meteor Man." From 1994 to 1997 he retired from the scene. It was not until 1998 that he reappears with his latest album "Veteranz Day" on "Blackheart Records" which spent entirely unnoticed. A best of "The Very Best Of Big Daddy Kane was released in 2001.

Big Daddy Kane remains one of the greatest legends of rap. He played an important role in what is considered the "golden age of rap."

In 2006, he appeared in the musical documentary by Michel Gondry: Dave Chappelle's Block Party.


* 1988: Long Live The Kane
* 1989: It's a Big Daddy Thing
* 1990: Taste Of Chocolate
* 1991: Prince Of Darkness
* 1993: Looks Like A Job For ...
* 1994: Daddy's Home
* 1998: Veteranz Day

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