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Rene Goscinny
1926 - November 5, 1977) is a writer, humorist and writer of comic french, Polish Jewish origin. He is known internationally for albums Asterix and Lucky Luke (character created by Morris, which gave Goscinny, as a screenwriter and gagman, a second wind). It is a sponsor french most read to the world: all the comics and books he has written represents some 500 million books sold.

Rene Goscinny was born Aug. 14, 1926 in Paris, at 42, rue du Fer-à-Moulin. His father, Stanislaw "Simkha" Gościnny, is a chemical engineer originally from Warsaw, and her mother Anna Bereśniak born, the daughter of a rabbi, had to leave with his family village Khordorkow (now Ukraine), following recurring pogroms. Stanislaw and Anna met in Paris, were married in 1919 and were first first son, Claude Goscinny, born on December 10, 1920. The Goscinny leave for Buenos Aires, Argentina, two years after the birth of Rene, following the new position of chemical engineer finds that Stanislas there. René studied in French schools in the city. He spends his summer holidays in Uruguay, where he rose to straddle the Pampa. He used to laugh his classmates, presumably to compensate for natural shyness.

He begins to draw from an early age, inspired by the illustrated stories that he loves to read. In December 1943, after his graduation at the age of 17, the young Rene loses his father as a result of a brain haemorrhage, and was forced to seek a job. The following year, he obtained his first job as assistant accountant in a company of tyres. He resigned shortly after to become a designer in an advertising agency. Meanwhile, he published his first drawings and texts in Latin Quarter, internal newsletter french high school in Buenos Aires.

Rene, accompanied by his mother, left Argentina for New York City in 1945 to join his uncle Boris, the brother of his mother. René becomes translator in a firm import-export and wait for a more stable situation. To escape the American military service, René left for France to join the French army in 1946. It serves to Aubagne, in the 141st infantry battalion Alpine. Promoted to corporal, René becomes the official illustrator of the regiment, showing menus and posters.

Early work
He then illustrates the book's daughter in the eyes of gold and returned to New York. Rene then through the most difficult period of his life. There is a time jobless, single and totally depressed (it will draw one of its most profound texts: Single, without friends, without a penny ...).

In 1948, he found a job in a small studio, working with Harvey Kurtzman, Willy Elder, John Severin and Jack Davis in the team of Mad magazine. Contrary to the archetype of the American dream, it will be the only one of its team to build a fortune ... Going to move to France!

Rene then became artistic director at Publishers Kunen where he wrote four books for children. In 1949, he met with Jijé, Mauritius to Bévère alias Morris, the designer and first author of the series of albums "Lucky Luke".

Back in Paris
Then he met Georges Troisfontaines, director of World Press agency, which satisfies him to return to Paris to work as director of the local branch in 1951. He was met by Albert Uderzo, with whom he begins a long cooperation. They worked together on Good Evening, a women's magazine for which Goscinny writing Sylvie.

In 1955, Goscinny accompanied by Jean-Michel Charlier, Albert Uderzo and Jean Hébrard, the union based publishing Edipress / Edifrance. Goscinny and Uderzo also cooperate on Bill Blanchart in Jeannot, pistol in Pistolin and Benjamine and Benjamin in the magazine of the same name. Under the pseudonym of Agostini, Goscinny writing for Le Petit Nicolas Jean-Jacques Sempé in The Mosquito and later Southwestern then Driver.

Le Journal de Tintin
In 1956, Goscinny start of a fruitful collaboration with Le Journal de Tintin. It works with many authors:

* Poussif Poussin and, with a certain "Al Uderzo";
* Short Stories for Jo and Albert Weinberg Angenot;
* Spaghetti with Dino Signor Attanasio;
* Mr Tric with Bob De Moor;
* Prudence Petitpas with Mauritius Marshal;
* Globul the Martian and Alphonse with Tibet;
* Modeste and pompon with Andre Franquin;
* Back seat with Berck;
* Oumpah-Pah with Albert Uderzo from 1958 to 1962.

In addition, Goscinny participates in the magazine Paris-Flirt and works with Morris on Lucky Luke (1955-1977).

Driver and Asterix
In 1959, editions Édifrance /: Édipresse launch Driver magazine. Goscinny became one of the most productive writers for the magazine. In the first edition, he launched his most famous creation, Asterix, with Uderzo.

He Driver magazine for teenagers, publishing cartoons and more inventive than those released by the press for children.

Goscinny also resumed writing du Petit Nicolas and Jehan pistol, now called Soupolet Jehan.

Driver was bought by Georges Dargaud in 1960. Goscinny be its editor in chief from 1963 to 1974. He begins a new series:

* Divagations Mr Sait with All-Martial;
* The Potachologie Illustrated and The Potache is served with Cabu;
* Dingodossiers with Gotlib of 1965 1967;
* The Forest Chênebeau with Delinx Mic;
* Iznogoud with Jean Tabary from 1962 to 1977. This series was started in the magazine Record under the name of Adventures of the Caliph Haroun al-Poussah.

He married at Gilberte Pollaro-Millo in 1967. In 1968 born daughter Anne, became a writer.

Goscinny died of cardiac arrest on November 5, 1977 at the age of 51 during a stress test to the routine clinical Chazelles street in Paris, he is buried in the Jewish cemetery square Castle , in Nice. Uderzo will continue Asterix signing out of respect for his memory albums of their two names.


* In 1964, he was awarded the Alphonse Allais of humour, Le Petit Nicolas and friends, published the previous year.
* Appointed Chevalier des Arts et Lettres by the french government in 1967.
* Appointed Knight of the National Order of Merit.

* Goscinny was also a screenwriter and cartoonist Captain Bibobu series published in 1955 in the short-lived weekly color format newspaper "The risk-everything" (whose editor in chief, Claude Monk, will greater success under the name Eddy Mitchell).

* Goscinny was a recurring character gags Achilles Heel, where he personified the irascible editor of Polite.

* A response to a questionnaire Proust "at the" Pilot characterized humour and modesty Rene Goscinny:

"Qu'achèteriez you do if you become rich?
-- I bought a flat. "

* Seeing an airport in a child laugh while reading a comic book, he told a friend who was with him: "You see, that's our Legion of Honor to us."

* The village of Saint-Andre-sur-Orne, in Calvados, home to primary school-Rene Goscinny.
* The village of Ceaucé, in Orne, houses the college Rene Goscinny.
* The town of Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire in the Loire-Atlantique, the library houses-Rene Goscinny.

* There is a school-Rene Goscinny in Poland.
* In October 2007, the school's Downtown Division has been renamed "School-Rene Goscinny. The name was chosen by the children themselves and baptism took place in the presence of Anne Goscinny, the daughter of screenwriter.

* Gościnny in Polish, is a common name that means "hospital".


* Asterix
* Iznogoud
* Dingodossiers
* Lucky Luke
* Oumpah-Pah
* Valentin vagabond


* Le Petit Nicolas
* The newspaper Pilot

* List of comic book, directed by Rene Goscinny


* 1964: all the world's children
* 1964: Tintin and oranges blue (adaptation)
* 1967: Asterix, cartoon
* 1967: Two Romans in Gaul (TV)
* 1968: Asterix and Cleopatra
* 1971: Daisy Town
* 1972: The Reverse mortgage
* 1972: Today in Paris (TV)
* 1974: Atini seven kovboy (non-credit)
* 1974: The Gaspards
* 1976: The Twelve Works Asterix
* 1976: "Mini-chronic" TV
* 1978: The Ballad of Dalton
* 1983: The Dalton run
* 1985: Asterix and the surprise of Caesar
* 1986: Asterix in Britain
* 1989: Asterix and the coup of menhir
* 1993: Lucky Luke TV
* 1994: Asterix and the Indians (France), Asterix in America (according to The Great)
* 1995: "Iznogoud" (1995) TV (scenario)
* 1999: Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar
* 2002: Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (after Asterix and Cleopatra)
* 2005: Iznogoud
* 2006: Asterix and the Vikings
* 2006: TV Rantanplan
* 2007: all in the west (from The Caravan)
* 2008: Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games

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