Mountain which cracks


Mountain which cracks
The mountain is a legend cracks Japan known as Kachi-kachi Yama.

Once upon a time an old man and his wife who had adopted a rabbit as a pet ...

One day, a badger from a pass by there, eat food of the hare. The old man, entering an angry black, takes on the beast, attaches closely against a tree and hand cut wood in the mountains.

Meanwhile, his wife takes care of grinding of flour for the evening meal.

Then the badger, eyes filled with tears, begged the latter to defeat its ties.

Taking pity on the eve woman complies. Once released, the animal, regardless recognizing the threat to take revenge on the scope of what had caused her husband.

On hearing this, the hare runs in the mountains prevent his master.

During his absence badger kills the unfortunate woman and a broth made with his body.

When the old man returned home tired and hungry. The badger, in the guise of his wife, offered him a broth he said he had prepared with the flesh of the animal and serves.
Once the meal finished, the beast tells him how she avenged.

The hare, determined to punish the death of his mistress, invites the badger to return to the mountain with him to fetch wood. His companion bringing the bundle while itself ramasserait dead branches.

Along the way, he put the fire wood. When the badger perceives crackle of firewood in the process of burning, he asked:
-- Hey! What is this noise?
-- Oh! meets the hare, this noise is common at this location. That is why it is called the Mountain, which cracks.

As the flames rising noise becomes increasingly important: Pop! Pop! Pop!
-- What is that noise?
-- This place is called Mountain which makes Pop, Pop.

The flames eventually reach the back of badger. Hurlant pain, her back burned, the animal jumped into the river nearby. Seeing the possibility of torturing his companion, hare offered him a remedy which, he says, is against sovereign burns. It is a poultice made up of cayenne and applies boiling on the back of badger. then it leaves.

Once cured, the badger went to the hare blame him for his actions. He is building a boat that would serve him, he says, to reach the capital of the Moon. and offered him to accompany him on his journey.
-- The experience of the mountain just me, "said the badger. I build a boat for me alone.
Joining the gesture to the floor, he began to build a boat on clay.

Our two companions mettentent their boat into the water. When the waves just hit the bow of the boat, the badger is délite completely. The hare, seizing his train, hitting savagely badger of the boat until the set pieces and drown his enemy. He then tell the adventure to his master.

Upon hearing this story, the old man understands that his wife is revenge and, more than ever, choyat the hare.

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