The game of Mad Bamboo


The game of Mad Bamboo
The KRT Ruspudio Dipuro scream like the order for a bamboo, to begin to be moving followed burning incense that was on his hands. Accompanied by the Balinese gamelan sound that sounded solved Sanur solitude of the coastal night. Bamboo for the length of seven parts really was difficult to be tamed. KRT Ruspudio Dipuro not his difference the expert “bambu ghaib” this. Moreover when being embraced by powerful people strong even. The example of six pencalang, the security of the Balinese tradition that was very solid. They like was rocked by bamboo that was not so big that.

The Masuwen ember, such was the name of the mad bamboo. Also the name showed the people, typical the North Moluccas, the time was shown off in the Merry Alternatif stage to the Degree of the Negara Culture. Was the form of the eldest performance of the people who was ritual. Reflected the characteristics kegotong royongan and the daily characteristics of the people in the North Moluccas.

The beginning of his history came from the bamboo forest was located in foot the Gamalama Volcano, Ternate, the North Moluccas. Several young men originally looked for bamboo in this region to hold the game of mad bamboo.

The sun sting and sharply him the side of the stone that became dark, not the obstacle to their step. Continue to be enthusiastic looked for a bamboo, that could give entertainment for the people a village. Arrive in the group of bamboo, they did not forget to ask for permission from the owner, in order to give an of his bamboo willingly.

After being chosen, bamboo was then cut down. Cleaned and checked by his appropriateness to become the performance material of mad bamboo. Part counting must be carried out carefully.

The expert in the bamboo, KRT Ruspudio Dipuro came from Jogyakarta. This man had studied mad bamboo when was in Ternate. According to him, this expertise could not be taught to the person that not a blood. Previously the expertise of an expert in the performance of the Masuwen Ember, was used to face the enemy in warfare. But owing to KRT Ruspudio perseverance the knowledge could be studied and spread out outside Ternate. Moreover the same time was helped by a person supranatural from Bali namely Made Bayu Topeng.

The rulers of the Ternate Sultanate beforehand also often made use of the expert in the Masuwen Ember to bring the boat that has been made in the mountain, to the edge of the coast. Modern, apart from for the performance, this Masuwen Ember knowledge was often used to help moved the ship that ran aground.

Before the game was begun, the prayer was then raised, requested permission from the Lord. The incense aroma or even incense was carried the smoke on the end the torch, began to make bamboo shaking. Was not again wrong, the holders of this mad bamboo, began to mobilise his power maintained the position, in order to be not easy to be overcome by seven parts of bamboo.

The Masuwen ember was the performance part of entertainment in the style of the village that still was receiving attention in Ternate. An expertise from the world of mystique, that was made entertainment for this community of the island country. This entertainment also crossed sea and was popularised by KRT Ruspudio a servant dalem from the Surakarta palace, although living in Kotagede Jogyakarta.

The strength of this mad bamboo dance not played. If being not guarded by several the assistant experts in these mad bamboo bearers could be made by the headache. For almost thirty minutes, six mad bamboo bearers were asked to orbit the field measuring 50 square metre. The swing that followed the rhythm of the gamelan, initially slow. But afterwards to increasingly hard so as to make them who held him be overwhelmed maintained the position of his grip.

On the end of the performance of bamboo that earlier was carried a person strong, when being released like the iron by the ton the weight, so as the expert not the power carried him, so as to be seen slow to keep bamboo that was placed in the land. And the uniqueness although being finished supernatural power from the bamboo did not want free if being not given ate fire. Because of that was made fire from paper that was burnt. And the expert then devoured fire with his hands palm without being given the protective equipment. And disappeared the contents of the bamboo and afterwards the limp expert in the fatigue.

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