Semar Badranaya was the leading figure punakawan that in the Javanese puppet/Sunda had the role that was more important compared with the puppet babon (the puppet with the original Indian leading figure). Was Jelmaan from Bambang Ismaya the eldest child from Hyang Tunggal.

Born in Semar
Hyang Wenang was father to one that had a name Hyang Tunggal. Hyang Tunggal afterwards had Dewi Rekatawati as a wife the daughter of the giant's crab that had a name Re- Kata. One day Dewi Rekatawati laid eggs and with the strength that stabilised from Hyang Tunggal. This egg flew appeared Hyang Wenang, finally this egg hatched personally with various miracles that were with him, where his egg skin became Tejamantri or Togog, white his egg became Bambang Ismaya or Semar and his egg yolk became Manikmaya that afterwards became Batara Guru.

In the other story of this egg hatched to sky, the earth and the light or sunset glow. So as to be said that Semar was the dominant leading figure as the patron of the earth.

The competition
The three of them very magical and all wanted to have the power like the Father Hyang Tunggal, but became the debate so as to cause the dispute. Narrated upper (intelligence (? ) or the deception (? ) Manikmaya) actual he also had the wish that was the same as them, Manikmaya put forward the race proposal to swallow the mountain afterwards spewed out him came back. From here many lessons that could be taken because the mountain was something to stick or strengthen the position in the earth but be raced to be swallowed although afterwards to be spewed again out. The lesson that was taken was to do not contest something that not his right as well as was not incited by the proposal that apparently good and made sense.

Tejamantri that began the first race evidently failed to swallow the mountain, was caused was not enough his knowledge then the change against his mouth happened. Bambang Ismaya afterwards tried to swallow a mountain and to be successful but something that has been swallowed definitely will change and Bambang Ismaya could not spew out him came back so as to the physical change in his stomach that grew happen. For the adequate knowledge command but not all that to spew out him came back.

Because of swallowing this mountain then the Semar form became big, fat and round. The proportion of his body in such a way as visible as the person of the dwarf. Manikmaya in the story was not said joined the race although he himself that proposed this race, he it was reported even went informed concerning his two older brothers to Hyang Wenang. On the news from this Manikmaya Hyang Wenang made the decision that Manikmaya that will accept the mandate as the continuer and became the king of the gods.

As a result of being eaten by agitation and could not control himself
Bambang Ismaya and Tejamantri must descend to the earth, to maintain the descendants Manikmaya, both of them might only appear Hyang Wenang if Manikmaya took unjust measures. From here was seen by being eaten by rumours pitted the sheep evidently Bambang Ismaya and Tejamantri descended the dignity of his level only as the patron of the descendants Manikmaya, it is hoped we could take the lesson here and it is hoped our nation should not want to be pitted again against each other.

In the story Semar Gugat happened the dispute between Batara Guru that pretended resembled became the Wisuna Receipt and Semar where Batara Guru lost his reason because of compassion love against his child of Batara Kala. Semar experienced the duel with the Wisuna Receipt that simply was Batara Guru/his brother personally, where Semar was affected by the Trisara weapon so as to cause Semar the jolt to Hyang Wenang.

Descend the level and was replaced by the name
Hyang Wenang afterwards replaced their names.
1. Manikmaya became Batara Guru.
2. Tejamantri changed to Togog.
3. Bambang Ismaya changed the name became Semar.

The task and the Position
The older brother from Batara Guru that was in charge of Swargaloka. Was in Earth to give advice for King Pandawa and the noble also to audiens definitely. Had Pusaka Hyang Kalimasada that was sent to Yudistira that was the main heirloom Pandawa. Had three children, in the Central Javan version and East was: Gareng, Petruk, Bagong. Whereas in his Sundanese version had a name: Astrajingga (Cepot), Dawala, and Gareng (the youngest child).

Semar Badranaya was the leading figure of the Village Head from the village (Karang) Tumaritis that was part of the Amarta Kingdom was supervised headed by Yudistira. Although his role was the Village Head but was often asked for by help by Pandawa and his children's noble in fact by Batara Kresna personally when the difficulty happening.

The Semar intensity
Here only will be revealed by some from the Semar intensities, including being:

*This leading figure with the leading figure punakawan other was made by the guardians among them Sunan Kalijaga in spreading the Islam Religion in Java that through cultural acculturation. With the existence of the leading figure punakawan, the performance the puppet story to more lived because of having the dialogue and the interaction between the mastermind (the puppet) and audiens as well as was the centre of the masterminds in sending advice advice in the act or showed that possibly could not be digested by the layman when not using the leading figure of the leading figure punakawan. The Pusaka Hyang Kalimusada term was the omen of two Kalimat Syahadat.

*The other intensity was to have Wahyu Tejamaya, that really was contested by Pandawa and Kurawa or anyone who will lead this nature, better control Wahyu Tejamaya this.

*Because Semar swallowed the mountain then there are those that considered that Semar was the symbol from the universe also, in other words Semar it was considered was the same as the intellect of "Ratu Adil", despite the Semar role as the servant, his action showed that he was the main leading figure or the subject and not he was the marginal or small leading figure who was not significant. Simplicity generally Javanese regarded as the sign that the person could control himself and surrounding area but also had the strength curbed the worldly desire of each kind of time and was unaffected by him. As the eldest leading figure but Semar did not want to hold the worldly authority desire.

*Basically according to this Semar supernatural powers myth almost was unlimited.

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