Eduardo Paolozzi


Eduardo Paolozzi
Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi (Member of the Order of the British Empire and the British Royal Academy) (March 7, 1924 - April 22, 2005), is a Scottish artist. Paolozzi was born in Leith north of Edinburgh, the elder of a family of Italian immigrants. He had one year of studies at the College of Art Edinburgh in 1943, a brief stint at St Martin's School of Art in 1944, then the Slade School of Art in London from 1944 to 1947, after which he began work in Paris.

Widely surreal, Paolozzi attracted attention in the years 1960 to produce a series of impressions on canvas quite amazing. Paolozzi was a founder of the Independent Group, forerunner circle of British Pop Art movement of the 1960's. His collage of 1947 I was a rich man's plaything, is sometimes cited as the first work truly 'Pop Art', though he himself describes his work as surreal. It then became known as a sculptor, producing works with statues often appeal to living forms, but with elements however straight (often cubic). He also carved number of human forms' deconstructed 'in a style close to cubism.

Some of his most famous works are:

* The mosaics on the walls of the subway station londonnienne Tottenham Court Road
* The album cover Red Rose Speedway by Paul McCartney
* The ceiling and tapestries Castle Cleish
* The Piscator, sculpture outside Euston station in London
* The bronze sculpture Newton, according to William Blake, 1995, in front of the British National Library

He was professor of sculpture and ceramics at several institutions, including the University of Berkeley (1968) and the Royal College of Art in London. Paolozzi had a great relationship with Germany, having worked in Berlin from 1974. He was also a professor at the Fachhochschule in Cologne from 1977 to 1981, then taught sculpture at the Akademie der Bildenden K√ľnste in Munich.

Paolozzi was done elevated to a member of the Order of the British Empire in 1968 and 1979 he was elected to the Royal Academy. It became the official sculptor of Her Majesty the Queen in 1986, until his death. He was knighted by the Queen in 1989.

In 1994 Paolozzi gave a large part of its work, and the vast majority of objects in his studio the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. In 1999 the National Gallery of Scotland opened the Gallery 'Dean' and exhibited his collection. You could also see a reproduction of its studios in Munich and London.

In 2001 Paolozzi nearly succumb to an attack (which earned him a false entry in the Book of the day ... some newspapers). He spent the rest of his days in a wheelchair and died in a London hospital in April 2005.


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