Eduard Douwes Dekker


Eduard Douwes Dekker
Eduard Douwes Dekker (* March 2, 1820 in Amsterdam; † February 19, 1887 in Ingelheim am Rhein), known under the pseudonym Multatuli (Latin as: "I have much to bear"), was a Dutch writer. Around the year 1900 around his books were very popular in Germany. This included him about Sigmund Freud and Hermann Hesse to their favorite authors. Meanwhile, he has been in Germany but has been largely forgotten, while in the Netherlands to the canon of Schulbuchliteratur counts.

Eduard Douwes Dekker, 1820, the son of a master born in Amsterdam. As a 18-year-old, he was with his father to Java in the Dutch colony-India came and found there in the colonial administration a job. His career as Kolonialbeamter (he was assistant to the 1856 residents of Lebak on Java appointed) ended when he criticized corrupt dealings in which his boss was involved. The request was his dismissal from the employment relationship Dekker moved to return to Europe.

The last seventeen years of his life, he spent almost exclusively in Germany. From 1870 to 1879 he lived in Wiesbaden. Here he wrote about two-fifths of the yet to be published works during his lifetime, including the millions of studies, in which his experiences in the casino processed and a supposedly safe method for winning the roulette describes.

Under the pseudonym Multatuli he published books that are critical of the colonial auseinandersetzten. He published under that pseudonym because it of its highly critical portrayals of the situation in the Dutch colonies feared reprisals. His best-known work is the 1860 published novel Max Havelaar, or the coffee auctions of the Dutch trading company.

Dekker died in 1887 in Ingelheim, where he managed the last seven years of his life had lived withdrawn.


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