Paul Poiret


Paul Poiret
Paul Poiret, who was born in Paris on April 20, 1879 and died in Paris on April 28, 1944, is a french couturier, known for his daring. It is considered a precursor of Art Deco style. His trademark is a turban adorned with very enclosing a brush that his wife, Denise, made famous.

He was hired as designer fashion at Doucet in 1898, then worked at Worth from 1901 to 1903. He opened his couture house in September 1903 and Réjane dresses, which launches. It removes the corset in 1906, creating high-size dresses. It thus became a pioneer in the emancipation of women.

In 1908, he asked Paul Iribe draw its catalogue: dresses Paul Poiret told by Paul Iribe. The innovative nature of the book gives a great success. In 1910, Orientalism is fashionable. The Russian ballet triumph in Paris. Poiret above the trend. He bought the colored fabrics of Wiener Werkstätte in Vienna with whom he began a long collaboration. In 1911, he launched the Parfums de Rosine, and workshops Martine (embroidery and printed), named after her two daughters. Georges Lepape collaborating on a superb album, Things Paul Poiret, to present his robes.

"Poiret the magnificent" buys a hotel particular avenue d'Antin. There organizes sumptuous feasts including the famous Mille and the second night which will mark the Parisian nights.

Paul Poiret knows the triumph: he dresses the actresses most prominent and Tout-Paris, helped by his wife Denise who is ambassador of the brand. It is inspired by his many trips to create clothes marked by the East, Russia, North Africa. In collaboration with the painter Raoul Dufy, he launches bold print. Later, he founded the skirt-pants and skirt hampered, which are scandal.

After the First World War, its star began to fade. The clientele it abandons for a more refined style. La Maison Paul Poiret experiencing its first financial difficulties in 1923 but continued his activities, particularly through its participation noticed at the Universal Exhibition of Decorative Arts in 1925, where he presented his collections in three barges, Délices, Amours and Organs. In 1924-1925, he built a villa, known villa Paul Poiret, Mézy-sur-Seine in the Yvelines. He plays with Colette in his play La Vagabonde in 1927. La Maison Paul Poiret farm, with the economic crisis in autumn 1929.

In 1930 he published In the dressing time (Bernard Grasset) and invented the sheath, flexible and comfortable. He published three books of memoirs. He died poor and forgotten in 1944.

An auction in May 2005, personal effects by Denise Poiret, causing auction record with over 110 000 euros for a coat of automobile created by Paul Poiret in 1914.

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