The Gulag Archipelago


The Gulag Archipelago
The Gulag Archipelago of (Russian Архипелаг ГУЛаг) is a book by Alexander Solzhenitsyn dealing with the communist prison system set up in the Soviet Union. It is a work (or test literary investigation as saying Solzhenitsyn) in three volumes written from testimonies of prisoners as well as its own experience of the camps. It is published in 1973. It was his best known work.

Gulag (Glavnoe oupravlenie ispravitelno-trudovykh Lagerei, or Main Directorate of labour camps) is an acronym used by the administration to designate Soviet forced labour camps. The term "archipelago" is used to illustrate the increasing number of camps and their distribution across the country as a whole islets known only to those sentenced to populate, or build a link. It also alludes to the gulag of Solovki, created in 1923 on small islands in the White Sea, by 65 degrees north attitude.

Solzhenitsyn began writing his book in secret after the end of his imprisonment Gulag as a political prisoner, then did publish abroad in 1973 after the KGB had confiscated a copy of his manuscript. Solzhenitsyn hesitated for a long time about the relevance of this publication, the secret police precipitated his decision.

"The heart tight, I abstained for years to publish this book when he was already ready: the duty to live weighed heavier than the duty to the dead. But now that, anyway, the State Security has seized this book, it remains for me nothing else to do than publish it without delay. "

The stories narrées detail in The Gulag Archipelago, a reminder of the unjust imprisonment of the enemies of the system, prostitutes, criminals, ordinary citizens rounded up to spread terror and blind obedience to the totalitarian hotel. Solzhenitsyn describes baclés trial and played in advance, transport prisoners, the regime of oppression dating back to the absorption of part of the security apparatus by Tsarist bolchéviques led by Lenin to maintain the revolution during the civil war and intensified under Stalin until 1956 for purposes totalitarian.


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