The male child



The male child
Tonight. Dark. The light from electricity light for a long time has been lost, because the source of the electricity power was destroyed was attacked by the war.

Ruins of building ruins were scattered about on the land. The ruins apparently like the human body discount. The life as dying. The voice of the human breath did not can be heard. Only cold wind bellows that canned be heard. Bellows that could make the body shiver were cold.

Like this results of the war.

From inside the building that was destroyed, a male child, the age around fifteen years, emerged. Thin. The dirty jacket dad several torn parts, wrapped the thin body. His skin was dirty. For a long time he had not bathed. Whether where his two parents. Possibly died was affected by the chip of the bomb.

The male child tried to entertain himself. He sang:

"I wanted to go to the month. The father and my mother must be there has been waiting for my arrival. They must be at this time was eating delicious cooking. They were happy, because in the month did not have the war. There were no bad humankind.

I wanted to go to the month. I wanted to embrace the luminous planet the gold. I wanted to share the love by him.

Did a big bird want to bring me there? When being available, came to me. Let's there met the father and the mother".

Basuki Fitrianto

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