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Dominique A
Dominique Ane, said Dominique A is a singer-songwriter French, born on 6 October 1968 to Provins.

Born on 6 October 1968 in Provins, Dominique donkey is the only son of a teacher and a mother at home. Adolescent loner, he has a passion for literature and music. At fourteen years in the early 1980s, his tastes are moving towards the current punk and the dark romanticism of the new wave. After the baccalaureate, he studied modern letters for a year, and in parallel, he made some odd jobs including that of handyman in a FM radio to Nantes where his family lives. To seventeen years, he set up a group with few friends, John Merrick, named after the hero of "Elephant Man" film cult of David Lynch. The quartet gives a few concerts in the Nantes region and even recorded some 45 laps style dark and tormented. Then, with the singer Katerine, he composed some titles but also a very different, much more removed.

It begins in the early 1990s, composed and recorded songs in a very minimalist, albeit in a spirit clearly rock. It seeks to break with the French song ", the song text literary music. His first disc is self-s and "A hard deaf" and the second album is produced by the label Nantes Lithium, is immediately noticed and appreciated by Bernard Lenoir and the magazine Les Inrockuptibles. And the song Courage The birds became an underground tube.

From 1992 he began to occur on stage and quickly takes taste, either as a group or solo.

The success expanding in 1995 with Le Twenty-two bar, single from the album The Memory Neuve. But this success is bitterly received by the artist who found this song particularly poorly written. The discs produced at the time for Françoiz Breut, his accomplice debut, and himself (Remue) bear witness. Appointed by the discoveries at the Victoires de la Musique, as he is already in its third album, it modifies the text of Twenty-two bar live: "A French television, I sing ... and before me, people were sleeping ... "And leaves the shelf

In 2000, he composed the music Bankruptcy Antoine Desrosieres.

In 2001, Auguri on the album, it makes a resumption of the group Polyphonic Size "I always loved thee", song written in 1982.

The detour
The discovery of the latest album from Alain Bashung (carelessness) in 2002 is a shock. Dominique A sees this album as a profound challenge and he decided to explore new ways of working. It takes time to compile what it considers to be its first in a long box kit, entitled The detour. He asked for an opportunity for his fans to write about their relationship to his music and some of the letters produced are included in the booklet.

For the next album, he tried a new experience for the first time leaves the reins of the production of his album to others. The team is reckless working with him on Everything will be as before. The album was released in 2004, but the fans have trouble navigating. Meanwhile, there is much on stage in various formations: large, minimal or even alone in trying the technique of oversampling.

In March 2006 appeared L'Horizon, a new film where he keeps up with the producer Dominique Brusson which had already achieved stir (notable is the first time Dominique A renewed experience with the same producer). Having recently left the record labels to enjoy full freedom of creation, so naturally he wanted to seek "close" to this new album, which he announced as the more experimental so far. Be found on the album and old accomplices, such Sacha Toorop or Olivier Mellano and musicians who accompanied on the tour Everything will be as before.

In 2007, after an extensive tour, he released his first live album "On our driving forces." In December 2007, Dominique A presents this album, distributed by Random Records, Argentina, at the invitation of the Alliance Française de Rosario and that of Buenos Aires. In two solo concerts, which enabled him to revise his Spanish, Dominique A conquered the audience come discover the electrifying atmosphere magic of these creations.

Dominique A regular contributor to projects of other artists. So he continues to participate in writing albums Françoiz Breut, despite their separation in the city. He also composed several titles for the second album by Jeanne Balibar (Slalom Dame) and a song for Jane Birkin (Where is the city? On aBum Fictions).

It also inspires some more instrumental artists. It is thus often appear in albums by Yann Tiersen for the vocals to a song. Similarly, in 2002 the Oslo Telescopic electro appealed to him for their album The Dominica O Project.

Other collaborations are ad hoc. For example, he sang in a trio with Keren Ann and Vincent Delerm on the second album of the latter (Kensington Square) on the song Veruca Salt and Frank Black. It also appears on the album "seen by" the rap group Psykick Lyrikah on the title "A point in the crowd."

Dominique A has also influenced many artists. Emancipation vis-à-vis the French chanson text has inspired among many other Miossec, Holden or Arman Melies who believe that the artist showed them it was possible to make the music they liked using the French .

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