Al Jarreau


Al Jarreau
Al Jarreau, born March 12, 1940 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a jazz singer and American soul.

The son of a pastor and a pianist, Al Jarreau began singing at the age of 4 years at the church, but that emerges very late on the American scene after studying psychology.

In the early 1970, he left Milwaukee to Los Angeles, where he began a few rounds of songs in several bars including Cafe Bla bla. Noticed by agents, he signed a contract with Warner, and leaves a wake in the first soul album in 1975, We got by, which is rather well received by critics, which sees him as the worthy successor to Nat King Cole.

His collaboration with the producer and arranger Tommy LiPuma is most fruitful. It enables him to achieve international success in 1981 with hits Breakin'away and Roof Garden. A year ago was released album, This Time, regarded as its best and composed of hard times on a tempo funk.

Al Jarreau has a voiceover standard with modulations exceptional. It is not confined to a single musical style. Moreover, it has the distinction of having been rewarded (Grammy Awards) in three different categories, namely jazz, pop and R & B.

Its success declines in the years 1990. The singer did renews more, and its incomparable vocal qualities are not enough to hide a low production and more pop, despite occasional collaborations with some talented musicians, like George Duke, Nile Rodgers or Narada Michael Walden.

The years 2000 does not allow it greater return to the front of the stage. Al Jarreau, which has changed its home record, shuts himself in the already seen, preferring sirens show bizz a jazz production quality. If his career has not been up to the expectations raised, it remains a formidable beast scene who knows capture a large audience, particularly during summer festivals.

Among his best-known interpretations are:

* Moonlighting (generic TV series Clair de lune)
* Mornin'g
* High Crime
* Breaking Away
* Roof Garden
* L is for lover
* Spain (Chick Corea), which begins with the theme of the second movement of Concerto de Aranjuez, but quickly turned to improvisation
* Agua de beber (Tom Jobim)
* Take Five (Dave Brubeck)
* My song (Elton John)


* 1965 (1965)
* We Got By (1975)
* Glow (1976)
* Look to the Rainbow (1977)
* All Fly Home (1978)
* This Time (1980)
* Breakin 'Away (1981)
* Jarreau (1983)
* High Crime (1984)
* Al Jarreau: Live in London (1984)
* L Is For Lover (1986)
* Heart's Horizon (1988)
* Manifesto (1988)
* Live (1990)
* Heaven and Earth (1992)
* Tenderness (Live) (1994)
* Tribute to Bill Withers (1998)
* Tomorrow Today (2000)
* Let's Stay Together (2001)
* Free Spirit (2002)
* One Note Samba (2002)
* All I Got (2002)
* Accentuate The Positive (2004)
* Fire And Rain (2005)
* Givin 'It Up, (George Benson & Al Jarreau) (2006)
* "A Portrait" / Lou Harrison (2007)
* Christmas (2008)

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