Safy Boutella


Safy Boutella
Safy Boutella is a musician Algerian born on 6 January 1950 in Pirmasens (Germany). Composer, he graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

In July 2007, he celebrated his 30 years of music in a concert ZARBOT ', named after the top continued to run, like him once, children in the Casbah of Algiers. With more than 40 musicians on stage, including training of 20 strings, guests as Cheb Khaled or Fadela Chebab opera singer ... it has engulfed the sky Theater Greenery Algiers.

Bathed in the traditional music of Algeria, he co-produced in 1988 with Cheb Khaled in Kutché album for which he also signs the arrangements.

Kutché will be the precursor of raï 1990s, it establishes the rules: draw on traditional standards (including 1950) by adding sound to jazz connotations, western and orchestral. The album will be ranked among the hundred best album of the twentieth century, according to Le Monde / FNAC.

Safy Boutell creates the event in 1992 with the release of his album Mejnoun, also hailed by critics as one of the top 10 album of the year. This album has inspired and initiated many musicians and led in Algeria, France, the United States, Canada during a tour between 1992 and 1996.

Meanwhile, he is the author of some sixty film scores, working in film Algerian, French, English, Italian, since the early 80. He is the sublime music of the film "Autumn in Algiers in October, on riots in 1988. Film Malik Lakdhar-Hamina, which is still not released in Algeria. He also worked with Rachid Bouchareb music for films "Little Senegal", "Dust of Life", "Cheb", or with Merzak Allouache for "Hi Cousin." Film music by Christophe Ruggia "Le Gone du chaâba" is still one of his many contributions. It was also the main actor in several feature films including The Night of Crime director Nabyl Lahlou of Morocco.

Safy Boutell also designed, composed and directed magnificent performances (some of which are the result of a long working with Tuareg): "Blue Dream" in 1988, "The Source" in 2001 before an audience of 90 000 persons at the Olympic Stadium on July 5 in Algiers or "Watani" in 2002, also presented historical fresco in the same stadium and broadcast live on Algerian television on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the independence of Algeria.

The Safy Boutella daughter, Sofia Boutella, an artist is confirmed, hip-hop dancer atypical. Nike's current muse, it was also a dancer for Madonna at the promotion and world tour Confessions Tour (2006). It is seen in clips (Hung Up) and "Sorry". She collaborated with the biggest, Jamiroquai, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani ... Sofia Boutella follows a parallel career as an actress. We saw in the films "The Challenge" Blanca Li, "License to love" by Rachida Krim.

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