Ra (Sun God)


Re or Ra (based on the reconstruction of the Coptic evidenced by Rīʕu) is the god of the sun disk in Egyptian mythology. He became the principal deity in the Old Empire. It is often depicted with a falcon on top of which is laid on the solar disk protected upright by the cobra. Atoum likened to the god of Heliopolis, he is the creator of the universe.

The god Re was also strongly associated with the day of the year. Le Akhet I 1, the day an Egyptian, was the occasion of "Day Rê" according to a papyrus and ostracon ramesside period, and in two other papyrus, it was the day of his birth . But already, in the texts of the Pyramids, RE was regarded as "the master of the year."

According to mythology, after a long reign exercised directly on its establishment and men, it becomes old and their faces rebellion. His daughter Tefnout the repressed, vulnerable but now he decides to win the sky. He reminds him and it becomes the celestial cow Hathor becoming the sky to carry within it the solar boat and its divine procession now symbolized by the stars.

Re travel each day through the sky aboard his boat sacred (route du Soleil), and each night through underground worlds (the earth). Each sunrise was a victory won by RE on the "forces of darkness". Perhaps is that the explanation provided by the Egyptians to the phenomena of eclipses of the sun, which would be temporary as many defeats on the god of darkness.

The "forces of darkness" are represented by the serpent Apophis, which each night trying to destabilize the solar boat and swallow the world to plunge into darkness. RE is supported in its struggle by Seth, god of war particularly fear. It is one of the few myths that Seth has a positive role, and the pharaohs who take as protector god will always remember.

Pharaoh after his death, took place on the boat Re to reach the kingdom of the dead.

King Chefren is the first to include the name of Sa-RE ( "The son of Re") in its titular, which precedes birth name of the pharaoh enrolled in a cartridge. It aims to link the pharaoh carnal the cosmic power of the universe, Re.

The six kings-gods are in order:

1. RE,
2. Shou,
3. Geb,
4. Osiris,
5. Horus,
6. Thot.

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