The setar (سه تار: in Persian) is an Iranian musical instrument whose name means "three strings" in Persian. It is a member of the family of lutes long sleeve. It originated in Persia at the time of the expansion of Islam. It is a direct descendant of tambur old about three thousand years, and a direct relative of the Indian sitar. There is an alternative in Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and India in Kashmir.

The setar consists of a sounding board composed of rounded thin strips of wood (beech or mulberry) glued-laminated. The soundboard beech is very thin and dotted with tiny holes. The handle, long and thin, is or walnut orchard and four boxwood pegs. The instrument has remained sober and discreet pouvor to go unnoticed in a region where music has not always been well regarded.

The instrument has 25 frets and 27 arranged in a non-regular unsuspecting eyes, to play quarter tones. There are two and a half centuries, a fourth string was added, very often given to the higher octave of the strings to give more breadth. On the General Agreement as follows: C3 - sol2 - C3 - DO2. Register setar is two and a half octaves. Despite its very small footprint, it is quite sound.

The right hand resting on the soundboard, only the index finger grip the strings in one movement back and forth, allowing a great virtuosity, offering rich and refined sound. The last two strings playing the role of rhythmic drone. You can change the agreement to certain melodies.

It was always intended to play the repertoire of music from Iran, radif. it is popular and women also like to play this instrument very tenuous. Generally, it is in a meditative and intimate that it plays.

There is a method by Hossein Alizadeh.

Some famous players setar:

* Yusef Forutan
* Sa'id Hormozi
* Abolhasan Saba
* Darioush Safvat
* Arsalan Dargah
* Ahmad Ebadi
* Nour Ali Boroumand
* Mohammad Reza Lotfi
* Hossein Alizadeh
* Jalal Zolfonoun
* Darioush Tala'i

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