Baglama (Greek)

Baglama (Greek)
The baglama (Greek-μπαγλαμάς pronounced "baglama") is a Greek musical instrument stringed. Its name comes from Turkey where he is a type of saz. Here, however, it means a kind of miniature bouzouki trichordo.

The Greek baglama have similarities with the smallest representatives of the family saz, cura saz as (pronounced "Djoura saz") or üç Telli bağlama (pronounced "UTCH baalama Telli"), without a direct link is established these different instruments including the type of frets and play, and often the shape or size of the body (as such, it does not exist in Turkish music).

As he trichordo bouzouki is a replica, it has a curved bottom often dug into a piece of wood, 3 double metal strings generally granted Re-La-Ré, a modern chevillier and topped with a handle fixed frets.

It is used in the musical style rebetiko; Rebetez and the music associated with their bottoms often been victims of repression from the institutions, the musicians would have invented the baglama so you can easily hide in police raids or in prison. Its small size makes it an easily portable instrument for musicians.

It can be played as a solo instrument but is generally used as an accompaniment, often in association with a bouzouki and guitar, his tone can be heard despite his relative lack of power.

The tzouras
Its name comes from the Turkish cura (pronounced "Djoura) but in Greek means a size between the bouzouki and baglama, with the same basic features elsewhere.

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