Thor (Old Norse Þórr), also called, Barul, detox, grunge, Badha-Pou-Ssyn, Donar or Donner Old Norse is the Norse god of thunder.

In Nordic mythology, Thor is the son of Odin and the incarnation of the earth, Jord. He is married to Sif and the father of Modi (fury) and Thrúd (the force). He is the father of Magni (strength) with the giant Járnsaxa (equivalent Sif by Snorri Sturluson).

The house is called Thor Thrudhvangr (field force). There is a huge room, named Bilskirnir (Radiance Sparkle).

Thor is a very powerful warrior of colossal strength. His magic belt (Megingjord) increases its strength: the more the greenhouse, it becomes more powerful. He has a war hammer called Mjöllnir, made by the dwarves and Eitri Brokk appointed under the command of Loki. This hammer is always in his hand after hitting. To manipulate the burning stick, he uses gloves iron.

It crosses the sky with his chariot pulled by two goats named magic Tanngnjóst (Teeth jarring) and Tanngrísnir (shiny teeth).

It is the strongest of men and gods. He is the defender of Midgard and guardian of gods and men against the giants. In this, he is one of the most revered gods. Thor is the god of the storm, but unlike Tyr, the god of justice, it is also the god of fighting in melee. Odin completes the trinity as a warrior god of war and victory.

In the story of Ragnarök, he faces Jörmungand, the World Serpent, the son of Loki. The snake dies first. Thor, poisoned, only the time to nine paces to join.

Thor was the most popular Nordic gods. He was the favorite god of the humble and it was also to him that the newlyweds seeking the blessing.

His influence was so strong that Christians had affuble Saint Olaf with an ax to remind the god Thor.

Thor with his hammer Mjöllnir is the protector of blacksmiths, artisans and peasants, he is a son of Odin and still revered today by many pagans or neo-pagan in northern Europe (mostly German and Scandinavian ). His worship is official in some countries such as Denmark, Iceland, Norway.

In Danish, and Norwegian and Swedish Torsdag (Thursday) is the day of Thor, meaning thunder and Torden in Danish.

Similarly, in English, his name has been used for Thursday (Thursday) and Thunder (thunder). Giving his name in German, which gave Donnerstag (Thursday) and Donner (thunder, Dundas in Swedish, and Dutch Donder, where Thursday expressed donderdag). Note that in french, Thursday is the day of Jupiter, which was treated by interpretatio romana. (Although not exactly the equivalent of Thor in Roman mythology, Jupiter is also holder of thunder).


* This is a character, under the spelling "Giving", L'Or du Rhin by Richard Wagner.
* The character of Thor is taken from 60 years in comics Marvel Comics.
* The series Stargate SG-1 uses the god Thor as a member of the Asgard race, aliens who pose as gods, to caring for people with some little change.
* Thor is also the main character of a Japanese manga bringing different gods of mythology around the world, is looking for various objects.
* Thor is a new module for the next version of MAO Reason, it is a synthesizer developing semi-modular oscillators and filters and a modulation matrix.
* Thor is a god in the game of real-time strategy Age of Mythology. It is one of the three Norse gods of the game: Thor, Odin and Loki.
* THOR (for "Offensive Tactical Helicopter Response") is the name of a confidential project in the film Tonnerre de feu (1983). In a first version of the script, the main character became mad at the controls of the helicopter, even taking to the god Thor.
* The war hammer used by Thor is taken up by Bryan Perro, a Quebec author, in his series of books Amos Daragon. It Beorf, man-animal, which actually use.
* The name of the hammer of Thor, "Mjöllnir" is included in the Halo saga gaming. This term (Mjolnir spelled in the game) is the armor of Master Chief.
* "Mjollnir" is also in the form of a powerful item in a Warcraft III, called DotA (Defense of the ancients), with Blizzard.
* "Mjollnir" is the name of one of the vessels of the Matrix trilogy. In the French version, he is quoted as Hammer or Hammer.
* "Mjollnir" is also an attack in the game Tales of symphonia.
* "Mjolnir" is the attack on the Invoke Ramuh Final Fantasy 9.
* "Mjolnir" is the name of one of the attacks "Lightning" video game (RPG) Suikoden.
* "Thor" is used as the name of the dungeons in Ragnarok Online as well as "Mjolnir" used as name of a mountain.
* "Thor" is used in the jeuxvideo Golden sun 1 & 2 as qu'invocation (bearded old man equipped with a hammer that strikes with lightning)
* "Thor" is used in the video game MechWarrior 3 as a 'Mech (a kind of giant robot military)
* The belt, gloves and iron "Mjolnir" included in its Tomb Raider Underworld, Lara must return all equipment to open the door to hell Nordic Nifleheim or Avalon.En this place it is the metaphor of Midgard recalling the Ragnarok.
* In the television series The Big Bang Theory, Raj Thor is in disguise in the episode 6 of season.

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