The Valkyries, in Nordic mythology, are warlike virgins, saying minor deities who served Odin say, master of the gods. The Valkyries, wearing armor, flying, running battles, distributed death among the warriors and took the souls of heroes to Walhalla, the great palace of Odin, to become Einherjar. These heroes are destined to fight alongside Odin for the coming of Ragnarök.

The etymology of their name comes from Old Norse Valkyrja (plural: valkyrur), words val (shoot) and kyrja (select). Literally it means "who chooses the shot."

There is no clear distinction between the Valkyries and Nornes. For example, Skuld is for both. Moreover, in the Darraðarljóð (lines 1-52), the Valkyries weave a tapestry of war.

In modern art the Valkyries are sometimes described as beautiful virgins amount of Pegasus, adorned with helmets and armed with spears. However, the horse of the Valkyrie Kenning was a wolf (see Rök Stone), so contrary to stereotypes, they do not get Pegasus. Their mounts were rather hordes of wolves that were hanging in the middle of the bodies of dead warriors. These wolves were macabre combatants. While the wolf is the frame of the Valkyrie, it seems to be related to the crow, animal appearing frequently in the Nordic mythology (including Hugin and Munin, two crows perched on the shoulders of Odin). Flying over the battlefield and "choosing" of the body. The hordes of wolves and ravens having cleaned up the aftermath of battles may have been there to serve a greater cause.

The origin of the Valkyries in general is not reported as existing, but many seem to have known Valkyries parent fatal.

Other names

Óskmær is built on mær "girl", "virgin" and OSK: "desire," desire ". This term has rarely been matched to óskamær, chosen virgin "(as Odin). It applies to Brynhild in Oddrúnargrátr and Hljód in Völsunga saga.

Óðins meyjar
The Valkyries are also qualified to Óðins meyjar (blank Odin "). The term appears in a þula.

Valkyries main
Freyja is considered the first among the Valkyries. Like Odin, she received in her mansion Sessrumne to Folkvang half the warriors killed in combat, that guide the day of battle Ragnarök.

Some Valkyries are major characters of myths important.

* Brynhildr appears in the saga of Völsunga.
* Hildr appears in the legend of Hedin and Hogne in Ragnarsdrápa and the Eddas.
* Sigrdrífa appears in Sigrdrífumál.
* Sigrún appears in Helgakviða Hundingsbana II.
* Appears in Helgakviða Svava Hjörvarðssonar.
* Ölrún, Svanhvít and Alvitre appear in Völundarkvida.
* Thrúd is the daughter of Thor.

Other important Valkyries could include Gunnr that appears in Rök Runestone and Skögul that is mentioned in an inscription in runes in Bergen, dating from the thirteenth century.

In culture
Several works of classical culture as its theme the Valkyries, including painting, sculpture and opera. Popular culture, including comics, video games and television, and the technology are equally reference. In particular, the second part of the tetralogy "Der Ring des Nibelungen" composed by Richard Wagner called The Walküre (1870).(SONY)

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