Xenomorph (alien)

Xenomorph (alien)
The Aliens are creatures whose plastic comes from the imagination of Hans Ruedi Giger. Known under this name since the title of the film, they were baptized Xenomorph in dialogues between the characters from the second film.

Physical Description
The alien is one of the few movie monsters whose physical development is a recurrent theme. In almost every film we see them grow in the baby stage to adulthood. This reinforces the suspense films, because the more it grows, it becomes dangerous.

* The eggs of Aliens are as big as watermelons and a greenish black. When it opens, instead of breaking a shell, the egg hatches as a flower.
* A creature called Facehugger (serreur face) out of the egg. It is a kind of huge spider rose to 10 feet with a long tail which it uses to cling to its victim by the neck and keep them in their thank you.
* A Chestbuster (exploder pectoris) is the baby version of the alien. It is small but very fast and has a face. It expects to grow to become really aggressive. Her skin is golden.
* Adult, alienation shared characteristics of its host (the alien from a dog is quadruped, for example). It has a long cylindrical head without eyes, nose or ears (the horns of his back surement used in breathing). However, it has a language with a second mouth that can go out with strength and speed, for example, perforating a skull. In addition, his blood is an acid compound and has real hands, sharp claws. He has long legs to beat the course and ideal for climbing and a tail after cutting as a sword.
* The Alien Queen is a 4.5 m with four arms, the head plate and retort. This is the largest of its kind, and most dangerous. However, all the aliens can not take this form (stopping their development to adulthood), only individuals known Pretorio have this option. There is only one queen per colony.

Reproductive cycle
The cycle of life is rather special in these parasites:

* A queen lays eggs.
* Each egg releases a Facehugger seeking by every means to cling to the face of a host in which it will implement an embryo and then die. When it is set at a face, nothing can detach before it dies.
* When the embryo has grown enough, the little alien called Chestbuster (exploder pectoris) s'extrait of its host by making out the rib cage.
* The Chestburster moult and grow quickly, reaching two meters in a few hours and thus become an adult Alien.

It is a perfect killing machine, from his birth to his death. Incredibly aggressive and violent, the Alien attack any life form that is not the case. Or, when a queen is near, the aliens brought him the greatest living human effort to serve as hosts. We can note that they do not kill for food (we do not know what they eat and they need to eat, for that matter). Despite his attitude fauve, the Alien is very tricky. It can develop plans of attack and traps, especially in places he knows, and the Queen's second film was even shown the ability to learn to use a lift. Their sole purpose in life is to reproduce as much as possible and to eradicate any form of life, to conquer.

Yet we can not say they are "evil." There are more wild animals. According to Ash, they do not experience the same emotions that humans, like compassion or remorse. They act only by instinct of survival and nothing else. We can also assume that they kill for fear of others, perhaps they see all those different from them as monsters. From this point of view, the alien is a kind of allegory of xenophobia.

The organization of their society is something to think about some insects like ants in that the physical characteristics of individuals determine their function, or vice versa. There are different castes and aliens, such as queens, and so on. Aliens emit grunts but often they communicate telepathically. An Alien may hunt alone, but they never hesitate to come together in packs.

Ethology of social insects
Organization castes; behavior in the presence of the queen, nesting victims (seen in the first film - Director's Cut).

See also

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* The horseshoe crab, the creature that inspired the alien.
* The Broods, alien enemies of the X-Men. (English section)
* The Zerg, one of three races of the video game StarCraft (appearance, aspect 'organic', nesting, noise from other species, living under a swarm under the control of a superior intelligence centralized, the Overmind or later the Queen Kerrigan and the appearance of a unit of the game, Hydralisk, refers to the appearance of the Xenomorph) (English section)
* The Tyranids, one of the races of Warhammer 40,000 (overall appearance, life swarm)
* The slivoides, a type of creature in the game of collectible cards Magic: the Assembly (general appearance, something organic, living under a swarm under the control of a Queen, or other intelligence overlord centralized)
* In the television between crossrover The Mask and Ace Ventura, a race of alien clearly parodying the Xenomorph appears. They have a similar recurrence in the same way and have a queen. However, instead of the Face-Huggers, this is the "Butt-Hugger," which clung to the rump of their victims instead of the face;

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