Obelix is a fictional character created by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo in comics Asterix in 1961. It is the stooge of Asterix.

Before Obelix
The authors of Asterix the Gaul by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo have worked together many times before creating the series. In 1958 they created the particular character-Pah Oumpah an Indian living in New France and French ally. The series Oumpah-Pah contains all the ingredients of what later became the series Asterix, the comic duo with the character of Oumpah-Pah and his friend Sir Hubert French puff pastry like the duo Asterix and Obelix, but mostly what brings Obelix of Oumpah-Pah also his superhuman strength (force of nature without using potion) is great with his physical muscles important.

Creation and first appearance of Obelix
The character of Obelix appears on the first page of the first story in the album of the same name as the series Asterix. In this story it has a secondary role since Asterix issue does not accompany the druid Panoramix trapped in the fortified camp of Roman Compendium. He is so absent throughout the second half of the story, and the first part where he is now he plays no real role. To understand this secondary role in this first story we must go back to the genesis of the series Asterix. The series was created in 1959 for a new journal called Pilot by two unknown authors Albert Uderzo and René drawing Goscinny scenario, while the two authors have decided to create a history of Gallic resistance to Roman invaders, they do not agree to the physics of the main character, nor the role of secondary characters. Albert Uderzo main character wants a big and strong, he said later "But I saw the archetypal Gallic as images of Epinal we showed a large blond Celtic. Rene Goscinny he preferred a midget pathetic "It is important to me that the character is in itself funny. "Said he later. Rene Goscinny also wants his hero (or antihero) without tenure or accompanying animals. It is finally the idea of Rene Goscinny, which is retained, but Albert Uderzo specialist survitaminés and faithful to his idea of heroes, will place with the agreement of Rene Goscinny a great character and strong background.

Although, therefore, had the idea to create this character at the beginning Albert Uderzo did not know what to do. Indeed, the village is already home to a warrior in the person of Asterix, a blacksmith Fulliautomatix a leader Vitalstatistix and peasants, and it was then, with Rene Goscinny, they will decide to give a social role and d 'into a suit and menhir delivery man. For its first appearance Obelix appears with an ax around the waist, but she disappears from his second appearance, the authors whereas it gives a look too barbaric the hero of their second album.

Character history
Obelix was born during the year -85 BC (35 years before Julius Caesar, 35 years before the (quasi-) conquest of Gaul), the same day and at the same time that his friend Asterix in the village we know well. His parents are Obelodalix, tailor menhirs in the "village of fools" who did, at the time, yet this nickname, and Gelatin. This twin birth is told in a comic four-page comic by Uderzo in 1994 for a special issue of a journal called Asterix released to celebrate 35 years of heroes and to the title in 35 BC, this history will be repeated in 2003 in the album Asterix and Asterix.
During his childhood he was nurtured by his mother, who feeds based boar roast for tea. Despite its apparent stout young Obelix is low, his classmates took the opportunity to make fun of him. This is to stop the mockery that is introduced with the help of his friends Asterix, sneak into the hut Druid Panoramix with the idea of drinking some magic potion. But the awkwardness is falling into the pot full of druid's magic potion, stuck it in the pot and drink the entire contents. Since the effects of the potion are standing with him and prevent him from drinking again. This misadventure is told by Rene Goscinny in an illustrated text published in the journal Pilote No. 291, May 20, 1965, repeated later in an album in 1989 under the title How Obelix fell into the cauldron of the druid when he was small (album reissued , 20 years later, in 2009).

Build Obelix
The corpulent Obelix been denied and he said it was "just a little wrapped" or is "not skinny, that's all" [Note 2], or " lower chest. This denial is a spring running through the comedy album of the series, Obelix were constantly irritated or sulk whenever the big deals. Some examples:

* In Asterix the Legionary, Asterix and Obelix, engaged in the Roman legion under the command of Caesar, attacked alone an enemy military camp of Scipio, a legionnaire frantic cries "But, the main body of Caesar? "And Obelix, while smashing a Roman cohort, meets red with anger:" No Mossieur! . Later, he will shout the same thing when the legionnaire, felled by strokes, sighing: "So this was not the bulk of tr ... ? "Without finishing his sentence. In the same episode, when the new Legionnaires must take place, the guard said that there are three sizes, "small, medium and large." With peace, Obelix is a medium sized Asterix said not to be stupid, Obelix retorting, while inflating his chest, "What, What is my size. "

* In Asterix and Son, during an argument, alleges among other Asterix Obelix at his girth. Later, once reconciled, Obelix Asterix asks him if he does not want, and Asterix avoids odd bit: "But no big b. .. great beta! "

* In the Magic Carpet Asterix, Obelix is dealing with "big elephant" by the fakir Kihça angry after almost capsizing the magic carpet on which they traveled. Further, in India, Obelix seen for the first time a real elephant and said, inquiringly: "I really do not see the relationship with me? ! .

* In The Rose and the sword, Obelix bringing her eternal garment vertically striped white and blue, makes fun of the new school teacher who wears trousers with horizontal stripes, saying "everyone knows it ' is in vertical stripes as thin! "

Obesity Obelix has not made itself:

* He loves to eat wild boar, and rarely eat one meal in every village.

* In Asterix in Britain, Asterix and Obelix come to a tavern and orders two ale Asterix: Obelix shouted: "Me too! .

* In Asterix and Cleopatra, when Obelix asked to cut three shares of a cake, cutting it in two and criticized him when he responds that he has cut three, taking the rest of the cake.

* In Asterix Legionnaire Panoramix worried about the apathy of a Obelix who does not finish his meal if asked Asterix ate something before, it replied: "Two Wild Boars" and Panoramix mumbled, l ' anxiously: "Needless to say he has not eaten."

* In The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, he triumphed easily in a test by tasting a great banquet (wild boar, elephant ...) that leaves unsatisfied: "The chef dropped me off right after the-d 'work! "

* In Arverne Shield, an inn, Asterix orders two boars wine, when Obelix exclaims: "me too! "

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