A sweet is a sweet, usually flavored with various sweet tastes. The candy is usually packaged in a plastic bag. The candy is a lucrative global market and reflects a reward for the child who is the main target.

You can put the candy in a candy, a kind of jar for storage.

The word candy is not written with an m before b, contrary to the general rule. Indeed, it is a word of Latin origin, consisting of the repetition of good.


* Berlingot
* Candy with anise
* Milk Candy (ex: Cream fouétée).
* Honey Candy (ex: Rage of bees).
* Candy gelatin (eg Marshmallow).
* Jelly (eg Haribo).
* Calisson
* Caramel Candy Caramel: caramel, caramel hard, salted butter caramel
* Chewing gum or chewing gum (eg Malabar Freedent).
* Sugar Plum and candy coated.
* Marshmallow
* Nougat
* Lozenge
* Praline
* Licorice candy and liquorice.
* Pacifier (ex: Chupa Chups).
* Candy Cane
* Touron

Children are the main consumers of candy and much appreciated, especially because of their sweetness. The sweets are often very colorful and regularly take fantastic forms. Candies are available during certain holidays, like Christmas, Halloween (where children are ringing door to door dressed as monsters to collect), Easter (usually they are chocolate) or Valentine's Day.

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