Called Javanese population whose language is Javanese, a language of Malayo-Polynesian branch of Austronesian languages. The Javanese are a group of nearly 90 million people.

The country is traditionally Javanese central and eastern Indonesian island of Java in Indonesia.

There are also large populations of Javanese in the province of Lampung in southern Sumatra, where the colonial Dutch East Indies had in the early twentieth century, Javanese peasants installed as part of a program relieve overcrowded Java, and Sumatra province of North Holland where planters had come from Java to work in their plantations.

Outside Indonesia, there are Javanese in Suriname, also a former Dutch colony, and New Caledonia, where owners of nickel mines had come from the labor of Java.

The Javanese are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslims.

Like other peoples of the Indonesian archipelago (except the Papuans, east), the Javanese are an Austronesian people. The latter came to Taiwan to settle in successive waves in the Sunda Islands there are now about 4000 years. Note: Aborigines of Taiwan are Austronesian, The Hans are from many centuries later).

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