Ngaben, Bali Indonesia

The ngaben was the cremation ceremony or group's Hindu cremation in Bali, Indonesia. The Ngaben agenda was a ritual that was carried out in order to sends the body to the forthcoming life. The body was placed properly was sleeping, and the family that was left always will believe was like this (fell asleep). There was no tear, because of the body in a temporary manner when being and undergoing reincarnation or finding the last guest-house in Moksha (free from the wheel of the death and reincarnation).

The day that was appropriate for this agenda always was discussed with the person who understood. On this day, the body body was placed in the coffin. This coffin was placed inside sarcophagus that resembled the Ox or in the Forum had the shape of the temple that was made from wood and paper. The form of the ox or the temple was carried to the place of cremation through a procession. This procession did not go to one straight road. This in order to disrupts the bad spirit and keeps away him from the body.

The peak of the Cremation agenda was the burning keluruhan the structure (the Ox or the temple that was made from wood and paper), along with with the body. Fire was needed to release the spirit from the body and facilitate reincarnation.

Cremation always was not carried out straightaway. For the high caste member, really natural to do ritual this in time 3 days. But for the low caste member, the body was before buried and afterwards, usually in the group's agenda for a village, was cremated.

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